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Sheriff’s Report


Between Tuesday, Nov. 19, and Wednesday, Nov. 20, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls including the following:

Deputies responded to a Snyderville Basin business after receiving multiple calls about a possible intoxicated driver. The driver had gone into the business, stating she had a procedure done there the day before and was on several medications. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was cited for driving under the influence of alcohol.

A man e-mailed the Sheriff’s Office regarding a trailer that had been stolen over a year ago. He provided pictures of a trailer he thought was his, although the DMV reported a new identification number had not been issued for it.

A deputy was dispatched to a reported theft of $2,600 of equipment from a utility trailer in the Basin belonging to a railroad company. The theft occurred between Nov. 15 and 19 after a lock was pried open. No evidence was discovered and there were no suspects at the time of the report.

An individual received an e-mail from a business saying that four iPads that were purchased with her credit card were to be shipped to a California address. The woman canceled her cards and was referred to the Federal Trade Commission’s website for identity theft assistance.

A man reported his 15-year-old son as a runaway after being involved in a verbal argument with his mother. The boy was listed on the National Crime Information Center’s database.