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Sheriff’s Report


Between Friday, Jan. 24, and Monday, Jan. 27, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls including the following:

A report of a briefcase containing a bomb inside was called in from North Summit. Upon arrival, deputies found that the complainant was an elderly male who suffered from dementia. He stated he did not know how the briefcase got into the road and that it was not his. He was cleared by medical personnel and a family member was contacted to accompany him.

A male suspect had stolen a vehicle from Heber City and was seen driving it on US 40. A deputy tried to stop the vehicle, but the man refused to pull over. The vehicle was later pinned on Interstate 80 and the man was arrested for evading and booked into jail.

Following a traffic stop for not having a license plate, a probable cause search of a man’s vehicle on I-80 yielded user amounts of marijuana. One of the passengers was arrested and booked into jail, while the second was released on a juvenile referral.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence incident in the Snyderville Basin in which a member of a family was intoxicated and had allegedly assaulted a family member.

A caller reported that a vehicle had hit a telephone pole in the Basin. Deputies later found the driver walking through a field. He sustained a leg injury and was evaluated by the Park City Medical Center, then later booked into jail.

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A driver of a vehicle on I-80 fell asleep at the wheel, traveling through the median and onto an off-ramp, nearly hitting a patrol vehicle. The driver was not injured, but a records search showed he had multiple warrants for his arrest. He was arrested and booked into jail.

A driver of a truck full of cattle lost control of his vehicle on Chalk Creek Road. Several cattle were found injured or dead, and a deputy dispatched one cow in the incident. The driver, a male, was cited for failing to maintain lane travel.

Staff from a South Summit business reported an intoxicated male was belligerent and had assaulted an employee. The man was arrested and booked into jail.

A female who was intoxicated at a Basin hotel was asked numerous times by staff to quiet down. She began yelling at a deputy upon his arrival and was taken into custody. She also had an active warrant for her arrest.

A suspect traveling on I-80 was pulled over for multiple traffic violations and a probable cause search of the vehicle yielded five pounds of marijuana and five ounces of hash. The suspect was booked into jail as a result.

A traffic stop made on a speeding vehicle on I-80. A probable cause search of the vehicle showed that nearly every interior panel of the vehicle was packed with marijuana. The total amount seized was 55 pounds, contained in 94 individual bags.