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Sheriff’s Report

Between Monday, March 31, and Thursday, April 3, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous cases including the following:

A deputy responded to a report of a child in North Summit who had been hospitalized with facial injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. A detective with the Unified Police Department was initially investigating the incident, but it was passed on to a detective with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ron Bridge said they are still looking for a suspect.

A Third District Court judge ordered a woman to be picked up after she failed to show up for a court appointment. She was found at her home and was transported to jail.

An individual called to report that someone had filed an income tax return with his personal information. He discovered the identity theft had occurred when he went to the Internal Revenue Office and was told that two tax returns had been filed using his information.

A passerby reported that a small child was riding a tricycle in the middle of the road in North Summit. The child’s mother arrived shortly thereafter and said her son had left her sight while she was doing laundry. A deputy checked the residence and found no signs of neglect.

A man fled a deputy in South Summit after an attempt had been to stop him for outstanding warrants. A bloodhound was dispatched and the man was tracked through fields until he was eventually stopped near a residential area. He was arrested and booked into jail for his warrants and for evading arrest.