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Sheriff’s Report


Between Tuesday, April 15, and Monday, April 21, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous cases, including the following:

A man in a silver Subaru was stopped on Interstate 80 in North Summit for several nights taking photos with a zoom lens. As a deputy was passing the vehicle, it appeared he was possibly taking photos of mink farms across a lake. The deputy was not able to turn around in time to approach the man but was able to obtain his license plate.

While searching for a suspicious vehicle throwing fireworks in North Summit on Friday, a deputy came upon a black car, and noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The adult occupant was arrested and booked into jail while the 14-year-old passenger was returned to his mother.

Deputies responded to a residence in the Basin on Friday on a report of a suspicious man trying to gain entry. Upon making contact with the suspect, a strong odor of alcohol was detected. He was very intoxicated and did not know where he was. Deputies arrested him and booked him into jail.

On Saturday, deputies were dispatched to a report of an individual who had been shot in the arm at a shooting range. After speaking with those present, it was determined that the injury was likely caused by shrapnel from a ricochet. The individual was cleared by medical crews and taken to Park City Medical Center.

A man in the Basin called to report that a woman was in violation of a protective order and that she was supposed to have a police escort. The woman was told she would need a court order to return to the residence or face arrest.

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On Saturday, a male suspect attempted to use a receipt from a previously purchased item to "return" an item he had just taken off of the shelf at a Kimball Junction business. He agreed to an interview with deputies.

A deputy was informed on Saturday of three juveniles in South Summit who allegedly were breaking into businesses and were vandalizing a truck. No damage was observed to a business or the truck and it was found that the juveniles entered an unlocked bakery truck.

A woman in the Basin reported that her home had been hit with multiple eggs and two empty egg cartons were found at her residence. Her home had been toilet papered the previous Saturday as well and she did not have vehicle or suspect information. She requested additional patrols near her residence.

Contact was made with an intoxicated 17-year-old in the Basin, who was cited and released to his parents.

On Sunday, deputies responded to a report of a possible suicidal subject, who was later transported to Park City Medical Center for treatment.

An employee of a Basin gas station reported on Sunday that a male had asked him where he could find drugs. The male suspect’s vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation leaving the area, and he and his three passengers all had open containers of alcohol. Heroin paraphernalia was also found and the male suspect intentionally urinated in the patrol vehicle and was later booked into jail. The other passengers were all cited for having open containers.

A male driver was stopped for improper lane travel on US 40 on Sunday and an open container of alcohol was found in his back seat. Seven open cans of beer were also found. The man blew a 0.115 blood-alcohol content and was arrested.

A man in Summit Park reported that his mountain bike was stolen from his property between 11 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. on Sunday. There were no suspects or witnesses at the time of the report and the case was forwarded to investigations.

Following a traffic stop on State Road 248, a female driver was arrested for two outstanding warrants totaling over $2,500.

At 5:13 p.m. on Thursday, deputies responded to a report of an apparent suicide in South Summit.

A resident in North Summit reported Thursday that a car alarm had been activated in an impound yard. Deputies responded and found no evidence of an attempted entry into a vehicle and the yard gate was still secure.

A manager of a Kimball Junction business reported Thursday that an employee had been seen stealing small items over the last couple of months, totaling around $37. The employee admitted to stealing the items and was cited and released.

Dispatch was called for a second time on Tuesday regarding a keep the peace order at a Snyderville Basin residence, where a woman has been trying to get a protective order against a man.