Sheriff’s Report |

Sheriff’s Report

Between Friday, June 13, and Sunday, June 15, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous calls, including the following:

On June 15, a vehicle was reported burglarized at the Kilby Dog Park. The vehicle was left unlocked and two purses were stolen. The credit and bank cards in the purses were used in several businesses in Park City and the Salt Lake valley. Deputies resolved to follow up with several businesses for surveillance.

A bike was found in a ditch near a Kimball Junction business on June 15. The bike appeared to be new and the business was contacted about a possible theft by deputies. Employees confirmed that the bike was stolen, and the bike was returned.

While patrolling the Sun Peak area on June 15, a deputy heard loud music coming from the business complex. A stereo was playing, and approximately more than 100 toy guns were found on the ground. Nearby was a bag of black spray paint and gun packaging. No one could be found in the immediate area and all the items were gathered and placed into evidence as abandoned property.

Following a traffic stop on I-80 on June 15, a driver was found to have an active warrant for his arrest. The driver was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

A man and his girlfriend were engaged in a fight in Morgan County with the man being the main aggressor. He fled back to his Coalville residence on June 14. Summit County deputies were requested by Morgan County to respond to the address and take him into custody. Deputies were able to safely take him into custody and he was released into the custody of Morgan County. It was later determined that the man had stopped in Echo and unlawfully took his girlfriend’s vehicle from the Echo Café and parked it on the railroad tracks. Alert train conductors noticed the vehicle and were able to stop trains prior to any collision.

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A complainant reported seeing a male and female, both approximately 16 years old, conducting sexual activities in a community park in a Basin neighborhood on June 14. It was reported that the activity went on for about two hours before the deputies were called. The suspects had left before deputies’ arrival. The only description given was the male was wearing a green beanie and a blue hoodie.

On June 14, following a traffic stop for a stop sign violation on State Route 32 near mile marker 25, a records check was run on the driver and the front passenger. The records check came back and both had active warrants out for their arrest. They were taken into custody and transported and booked into the Summit County Jail.

A woman called Dispatch on June 13 about an ongoing harassment situation. She called off the relationship and has been receiving multiple unwanted emails and texts from the man. She also made a report with the Park City Police Department. Deputies contacted the man by phone at the woman’s request and advised him to stop contacting her or charges could be filed against him.

On June 13, deputies stopped a suspicious vehicle at a Basin area convenience store. Upon initial contact they detected an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and the 20-year-old driver was acting very nervous. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded three bottles of beer, one of which was open. During further vehicle inventory a plastic container was found with marijuana inside. Multiple prescription drugs were also found in the vehicle. The driver admitted to possessing the pills and acquiring them without a prescription. He provided mixed stories on how he came to possess the medication, and he was arrested and booked on multiple charges.