Sheriff’s Report |

Sheriff’s Report

Between Friday, Oct. 14 and Sunday, Oct. 19, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to numerous calls, including the following:

Sunday, Oct. 19

A deputy was dispatched to a retail outlet at Kimball Junction in response to a theft report. The complainant reported her credit cards were taken from her purse while she was in a dressing room. The cards were used to make fraudulent purchases at several stores in the New Park and Kimball Junction area totaling approximately $6,465.

A deputy responded to a civil problem in a Basin area neighborhood. The dispute involved an eviction and various other issues.

Deputies were contacted by the Park City Medical Center about a possible rape that had taken place in the Kimball Junction area. The victim, was found on the side of the roadway by a concerned citizen. An investigation is ongoing.

A woman was driving on south Hoytsville Road when she lost consciousness and drifted to the right shoulder of the roadway. The car crashed through a barbed wire fence, drove through an open field, then collided with a drill pipe fence before coming to a stop. The report states the driver was not intoxicated and was cleared by EMS at the scene.

A driver in Coalville sustained a serious head injury when the car careened 285 feet down the sidewalk before colliding with two fences at a property corner. No signs of intoxication were found. The driver was transported by ambulance to Park City Medical Center.

During a soccer game at a park located near Old Ranch Road, a verbal altercation turned physical. One of the suspects suffered injuries and was transferred by ambulance to Park City Medical Center. The other was arrested and transported to the Summit County Jail without incident and booked in for child abuse.

Saturday, Oct. 18

Sometime during the day, a woman reported leaving her garage door open and leaving. When she returned, she noticed that her $1,200 bicycle had been taken.

Friday, Oct. 17

A man dropped his camp trailer off in Cedar Hollow on Wednesday. When he returned to the camp Friday, he found that the door had been forced open and several items were missing. The man reported 10 guns, 2 bows, a TV, ammunition, arrows, a cordless drill, and flood lights were found to be stolen.

Deputies responded to a report of an altercation involving a homeowner and renter. During the incident, the homeowner yelled for his wife to get a gun, at which point the renter called 911 and left the residence. The homeowner admitted to pushing the renter and calling for the gun to "protect his property".

Thursday, Oct. 16

Deputies were dispatched to a welfare check in a Snyderville neighborhood after dispatch advised they received an open-line 911 call and could hear what sounded like a verbal domestic dispute in the background. A male was arrested and booked into jail for: interruption of a communication device and domestic violence in the presence of a child.

Dispatch received a report of a case of possible child abuse involving an infant. A parent was concerned the child was injured while spending time with the other parent. The child was taken to Park City Medical Center, where he was released with medication for the injuries. An investigation is ongoing.

A woman reported a Real Estate sign from her company had been taken down near.. After a previous sign had been stolen, the woman installed a trailcam in the area and has pictures of some individuals near the sign but has been unable to locate it.

Wednesday, Oct. 15

Deputies were dispatched to an attempted burglary in a Snyderville neighborhood after a woman returned home from work to find that her screen door had been pried off the window. An attempt to lift finger prints from the window was unsuccessful. It is believed the suspect used the walking trail behind the residence to gain access to the property.

Deputies responded to the report of an unconscious woman, who was not breathing. At the scene, deputies found a younger woman performing CPR before taking over. Park City Fire Department personnel came on scene, revived the patient by administering Narcan and determined she may have overdosed on a prescription medication.

Tuesday, Oct. 14

A woman reported her vehicle had been involved in a hit-and-run accident while parked in a lot near St. Mary’s Church . The vehicle had minor damage to the driver side, including white paint transfer from the collision.

Two suspects were involved in a physical altercation and one fled from the scene. A deputy located the suspect and he was arrested for domestic violence and interruption of a communication device.

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