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Sheriff’s Report


Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to numerous calls between Sunday, Nov. 2 and Sunday, Nov. 9, including the following:

Sunday, Nov. 2

A man was stopped on Uinta Way and deputies discovered he had no insurance. A search of his car revealed a metal container with paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana. He was arrested for possession and no insurance.

After a vehicle was stopped traveling eastbound on Interstate 80, deputies arrested a passenger for an active warrant and he was booked into the Summit County Jail.

Deputies responded to reports of three separate callers claiming to have had contact with a woman in Coalville who stated she was kidnapped and forced to take drugs. When deputies reached the woman, the report states she was obviously under the influence of an unknown substance and was voluntarily transported for evaluation. It was determined that she had been at a friend’s house. While attempting to check on an open door where an alarm went off at a business in the Kimball Junction area, deputies say a man walked around the corner wearing all black. He had an out-of-state ID but claimed to live nearby. The business was cleared and secured and the man was released. Monday, Nov. 3 A car was broken into in the Snyderville Basin some time between Friday, Oct. 31 and Sunday, Nov. 3. The items reported stolen were a mounted bicycle rack with a red lock, the car’s ash tray and cigarette lighter, and the driver’s side windshield wiper.

Dispatch received reports that two construction trailers were broken into in the Snyderville Basin sometime between Friday, Oct. 31 and Monday, Nov, 3. The report stated that multiple tools were missing from one trailer but the owners of the other trailer couldn’t be reached.

Tuesday, Nov. 4 A teen was punching a construction trailer in Jeremy Ranch and when deputies arrived, they found the young man to be intoxicated. After he was cleared by medical personnel, he was released to his mother.

Deputies responded to a report of a possible domestic violence incident near Park City Mountain Resort but the suspect had fled on foot. He had multiple warrants for his arrest in Wasatch County but never returned to the residence.

Deputies responded to a residential alarm in Wanship and found the side door had been kicked in. The house was ransacked but no fingerprints were found.

After responding to an alarm in the South Snyderville Basin, deputies discovered a home had been broken into but no items were taken. A man was stopped leaving a house after deputies responded to reports of a domestic dispute in the Snyderville Basin. Deputies observed the man holding drug paraphernalia in plain view and arrested him for possession.

Deputies were dispatched to a neighborhood just north of Interstate 80 after receiving reports of a domestic dispute. On arrival, deputies located an intoxicated female who was breaking dishes. She was arrested and booked for criminal mischief and intoxication.

Wednesday, Nov. 5

A deputy was dispatched for reports of a vehicle burglary in Jeremy Ranch. The suspect entered an unlocked vehicle and stole several items including a large subwoofer and a firearm, although it was later returned. Several items were collected for possible fingerprints and the suspect was recognizable on the victim’s home surveillance system.

A deputy was dispatched for a fraud incident at a retail store at the Tanger Outlets. A female entered the store and purchased several items of fragrance with fake travelers checks. The checks weren’t discovered to be fraudulent until later. The incident is under investigation.

The Orem Police Department requested a deputy respond to a home in Silver Summit to look for a vehicle that was involved in a hit-and-run incident in Orem.

Following a traffic stop on Interstate 80, the driver was found to have an active warrant in Wasatch County. He was arrested and released to Heber City Police for transport to the Wasatch County Jail.

A woman went to visit an inmate in the Summit County Jail. When it was discovered she had active warrants, she was arrested.

A vehicle’s rear, driver’s side window was broken out in the Snyderville Basin. A Toshiba laptop, along with $3,000 was taken from the vehicle.

Two vehicles in the Snyderville Basin were accessed but only one vehicle was missing items, including a GPS and a phone charger.

Deputies received reports that a white truck on State Road 248 in Kamas went through the grass and hit a parked car. The driver was transported to Park City Medical Center for further evaluation.

Thursday, Nov. 6

Following a traffic stop in the Snyderville Basin, the driver was found to have an active warrant in Wasatch County. The driver was cited for traffic offenses and arrested for the warrant.

Friday, Nov. 7 A man who parked his truck in Wanship near State Road 32, found when he returned that three of the four tires were flat and that the valve stems for the tires had been loosened to let the air out.

Deputies assisted in serving a juvenile alcohol party search warrant in Midway.

Saturday, Nov. 8

Following a traffic stop in Silver Summit, a driver and his passenger were found to have numerous warrants. Both were arrested.

A Jeep that was parked in the driveway of a South Snyderville Basin home had the stereo removed. The vehicle was not damaged and no other thefts were reported in the area.

Deputies responded to reports of juveniles pounding on the windows and doors of a home in Oakley. It is reportedly an ongoing problem and deputies were advised to issue any citations if it is applicable.

A woman was arrested for assault and assault in the presence of a child after a fight broke out at a cabin near the Mirror Lake Highway. She was transported to the Summit County Jail.

Sunday, Nov. 9

Deputies responded to reports of domestic violence at a home in Rockport. The fight never turned physical, but the suspect was verbally abusive and aggressive toward the victim in the presence of children. The suspect was arrested for intoxication and other charges related to the call.