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Sheriff’s Report

An unidentified man claiming to be a police officer responded to a Kamas woman’s home early Wednesday morning stating that he was responding to a noise complaint, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Department’s daily report.

The woman said the suspect knocked on her door around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and identified himself as a police officer responding to noise complaints about her crying child, the sheriff’s report stated. The suspect claimed he needed to check on the welfare of the child and walked inside the home. He told the woman that if he received another call about the noise, he would be back.

The woman described the man as a normal size male in his late 30s, with short black hair, wearing a dark blue uniform equipped with a duty belt, gun, pepper spray, and silver badge, but his uniform was absent of any name tag or communication devices, the report stated. The suspect left the home in a black, unmarked SUV.

Deputies responded to numerous other calls between Monday, Dec. 1 and Saturday, Dec. 6, including the following:

Monday, Dec. 1

A man reported that he and his wife have temporary custody of their grandson in the Snyderville Basin, but the mother took the child the night of Thanksgiving and did not bring him back. Deputies responded to the mother’s house and the child was given back to the grandparents.

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A woman asked for assistance while she repossessed a horse in Coalville. The horse was picked up without any interference.

Tuesday, Dec. 2

A woman in Coalville reported that three fraudulent charges were made on her account from Villa Rica, Georgia. She was notified approximately two weeks ago about the possibility of fraudulent charges.

A woman reported a suspicious man in front of her home in Kamas. Upon arrival, deputies determined the man was intoxicated and he admitted to being suicidal. The man was willingly transported for evaluation.

Deputies responded to reports of two people fighting in Pinebrook. When deputies arrived, both people admitted to drinking and one of the parties agreed to leave for the night.

Wednesday, Dec. 3

A woman in Elk Meadows reported her vehicle parking permit was stolen.

Deputies responded to a report of a verbal incident at a hotel in the Kimball Junction area.

Deputies were dispatched to a neighborhood in the South Snyderville Basin after receiving a report of criminal trespass.

Thursday, Dec. 4

A woman in Henefer reported that she had backed into another car, but was unable to find an owner. An investigation is ongoing.

Friday, Dec. 5

Dispatch received a report of debit card information being used fraudulently. After an investigation, video surveillance was obtained of a single suspect making the charges in the Salt Lake Valley.

A woman in Peoa reported that her dog had been shot with a pellet gun. The woman’s neighbor admitted to shooting the dog and his pellet gun and ammo were seized as evidence.

Dispatch received several 911 calls of a snowmobile driving on the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course. When deputies responded to the area, the suspects fled on foot. After deputies stopped a vehicle leaving the area, they detected the smell of alcohol and marijuana coming from the underage suspects. Both suspects were arrested for charges related to the alcohol and marijuana.

Saturday, Dec. 6

A man reported that someone posted a Craigslist add posing as him, attempting to rent his rental property in the South Snyderville Basin. A woman in the South Snyderville Basin reported that she posted her Christmas tree for sale online and was sent a check for $1,890. She was then asked to give a return money order, but suspected a scam and stopped communication with the suspects.

A woman near Kimball Junction called to report her teen daughter, as a runaway. The teen returned later the same day.

Deputies were dispatched to the Canyons after receiving reports of a domestic violence assault. After deputies conducted interviews with the victim and the suspect, there was no evidence to determine the victim was assaulted. The parties were separated for the night.