Sheriff’s Report: Dec. 24-26, 2014 |

Sheriff’s Report: Dec. 24-26, 2014

Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies stopped a vehicle Tuesday suspected in a hit and run accident on Interstate 80 earlier in the day, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Department’s daily report.

After deputies stopped the vehicle, they discovered the passenger, David Panas, had several active warrants totaling approximately $14,470.

Once Panas was placed under arrest, he started complaining of back and shoulder pain, the report stated. Deputies put Panas in the patrol vehicle, but he started to struggle and claimed he was having a heart attack.

When medical personnel arrived, Panas was transported to Park City Medical Center, where he was cleared and released, the report stated. Panas was subsequently arrested for the warrants and booked into the Summit County Jail.

Deputies responded to numerous other calls between Monday, Dec. 15 and Sunday, Dec. 21, including the following:

Monday, Dec. 15

A South Summit man reported being the victim of fraud, after receiving a call from someone impersonating his grandson asking for $7,500 in money orders.

A Jeremy Ranch resident found his basement door open and reported several items missing, including three laptops.

Tuesday, Dec. 16

Deputies stopped a vehicle heading eastbound on I-80 for speeding and the driver was arrested after admitting to possession.

Wednesday, Dec. 17

An unknown suspect misused a credit card that was not his eight times at different retail stores throughout Summit County, totaling approximately $1,665.

Thursday, Dec. 18

Deputies served a temporary protective order at a residence near Kimball Junction.

Friday, Dec. 19

A deputy responded to a home in South Summit in response to a call that and reported an antique saddle was missing.

Saturday, Dec. 20

Deputies responded to a bus stop near Kimball Junction after dispatch received reports of an intoxicated woman. The woman was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail for intoxication.

Deputies were dispatched to a welfare check in North Summit and arrested a male for an alleged domestic violence assault.

A vehicle was stopped on State Road 224 for a taillight violation, after which deputies detected marijuana. A search revealed two pipes and an open container. The driver was arrested for possession and his passenger was cited for the open container and released.

Deputies responded to a home in the South Snyderville Basin after receiving reports of a fight, where an iPad was thrown and broken. A woman was cited for criminal mischief and released.

Sunday, Dec. 21

A vehicle was stopped heading eastbound on I-80 and the driver was cited for possession.

A man in the South Snyderville Basin reported a ring missing. Deputies arrested a suspect.