Sheriff’s report: Deposits totaling $8,000 missing from Tanger Outlets business |

Sheriff’s report: Deposits totaling $8,000 missing from Tanger Outlets business

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several calls between Monday, Feb. 4, and Sunday, Feb. 10, including a report that $8,000 worth of deposits were missing from a business in the Tanger Outlets.

Sunday, Feb. 10
A North Summit woman dialed 911 when her intoxicated husband attempted to break into her home. When deputies arrived, they arrested him for intoxication. Deputies learned the man had threatened the woman’s adult son the night before while drinking. When he was released from jail, deputies returned with him to the home so he could retrieve his belongings.

Saturday, Feb. 9
Deputies responded to six parking problems and two reported slide offs. No other significant incidents were reported.

Friday, Feb. 8
A pair of Rossignol racing giant slalom skis with an estimated worth of $1,000 were stolen. A Basin man said he unloaded his son’s skis and then placed them in front the vehicle before going inside his home for several minutes. When he returned, they were gone.

A woman in Kimball Junction reported receiving a phone call from a man identifying himself as a federal agent. She purchased $2,100 in Google Play cards from a local business and provided those numbers to the man before realizing she was being deceived.

A man reported that his 86-year-old father had died sometime during the night at his home. His death was not considered suspicious.

Thursday, Feb. 7
An employee at a business in the Tanger Outlets reported that two men wearing dark colored clothes entered the store with a gym bag and filled it with items from the store. They left without paying. Deputies circulated the area and found one man matching the description of the suspects. Surveillance footage confirmed he was one of the men involved in the theft. More than $900 worth of merchandise was recovered. The man was arrested for two outstanding warrants and under suspicion of theft. The other suspect was not located.

Summit County Public Works reported that homeowners are repeatedly pushing snow from their driveway onto a street in Summit Park. Deputies contacted the homeowners and they agreed to no longer do it. If dispatch is contacted again, a citation will be issued.

The manager of a store in Kamas contacted dispatch to report a theft that had occurred earlier in the day. A man walked into the store and collected several items worth about $80 that he attempted to return at customer service. The transaction wasn’t completed because he didn’t have the receipt, but he was given the items back to take. He didn’t pay for them. Surveillance footage is being reviewed. An investigation was underway.

Wednesday, Feb. 6
Deputies responded to reports of a traffic hazard, suspicious activity, wildlife problem and parking violations. No other significant incidents were reported.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
A woman reported that her adult son grabbed her arm in their Coalville home to prevent her from changing the channel. She said he then followed her into the kitchen, knocked the cat out of her hands and pushed her before picking her up and placing her in her bedroom. The suspect confirmed his mother’s story. He was arrested under suspicion of assault.

An area manager for a store in the Tanger Outlets reported that multiple deposits are missing, totaling approximately $8,000. The manager reported that the deposits have been held for multiple weeks, violating company procedure. An investigation was underway.

A key-making tool was taken from the maintenance room of a business in Kimball Junction. Law enforcement officers will review surveillance footage. An investigation was underway.

Monday, Feb. 4
A Basin man contacted dispatch after his ex-wife rammed her vehicle into his garage door, causing a significant amount of damage to it. Deputies later located the woman and conducted a traffic stop. Her vehicle had paint on the hood that matched the damaged garage door and deputies found drugs in her vehicle. She was arrested under suspicion of criminal mischief, leaving the scene of an accident, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies responded to two non-injury accidents, as well as a slide off.

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