Sheriff’s report: Furniture and appliances stolen from Airbnb |

Sheriff’s report: Furniture and appliances stolen from Airbnb

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several calls between Monday, Nov. 5, and Sunday, Nov. 11, including a case where furniture and appliances were stolen from a property when it was rented out on Airbnb.

Sunday, Nov. 11
Dispatch received a complaint about a vehicle parked in the middle of a road in Coalville with its lights on. Deputies found the vehicle, which had a flat tire. Two men were trying to push it out of the roadway. A man was arrested under suspicion of intoxication for attempting to enter an unlocked vehicle that did not belong to him.

A gun and half of a box of ammo were stolen from a home in the Snyderville Basin.

A woman reported her vehicle was damaged while she was away from her North Summit home. The front passenger side window was shattered and a large dent made on the door.

Saturday, Nov. 10
No significant incidents were reported.

Friday, Nov. 9
No significant incidents were reported

Thursday, Nov. 8
Deputies stopped a vehicle on S.R. 224 after discovering the driver had a suspended license and arrested him under suspicion of driving on a suspended license and failing to install an ignition interlock device.

Wednesday, Nov, 7
After a residence was rented on Airbnb, the property manager discovered most of the appliances and furniture were missing. The renter is from out of state. An investigation was underway.

Tuesday, Nov. 6
A deputy observed a suspicious vehicle in a Basin neighborhood and learned the license plate was stolen. He arrested one man for an outstanding warrant and the other under suspicion of possession of a stolen plate.

A woman contacted dispatch when someone was trying to use the garage door remote from her vehicle to open the door. Deputies later found a man with items belonging to the woman and another victim. A passport and laptop were returned to the other victim. The suspect was arrested under suspicion of possession of stolen property.

Monday, Nov. 5
No significant incidents were reported.

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