Sheriff’s report, Jan. 28, 2015 |

Sheriff’s report, Jan. 28, 2015

Angelique McNaughtonThe Park Record

A skimming device that can steal credit card information fell off of an ATM at Kimball Junction over the weekend, according to Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez.

A bank employee reportedly tried to withdraw money from the ATM on Friday, Jan. 23, when the device fell off, according to the dispatch center’s daily report.

"The good thing about this particular situation is this individual or individuals weren’t sophisticated since it fell off," Martinez said. "And most ATMs have some sort of camera attached to it so we may have access to video and pictures."

When used, the skimming device records user credit card information and PIN numbers, Martinez said.

"The average person walking up probably wouldn’t readily identify the device," Martinez said. "If you know what you are looking for, it is visible."

Martinez said the devices are available to the public and not difficult to purchase, adding that businesses use them for swiping credit cards for transactions.

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"It’s just something that magnetically grabs your data off of your credit," he said. "The average person can buy them."

Since the device was confiscated, Martinez said presumably the suspects weren’t able to retrieve any stolen information.

"We got their information, but the suspects never got it," Martinez said. "But, if anyone notices fraudulent charges on their credit card, contact the Sheriff’s Office."

Martinez said he believes the situation is an isolated incident and an investigation is ongoing.

Summit County Sheriff’s deputies responded to numerous other calls between Wednesday, Jan. 21, and Sunday, Jan. 25, including the following:

Sunday, Jan. 25

Following a traffic stop for a registration violation near State Road 35 and State Road 32, the driver was arrested for no insurance, revoked registration and false evidence of title or registration. The driver was booked into the Summit County Jail.

Deputies responded to a residence near the Tanger Outlets after receiving reports from the couple that a neighbor had been videotaping and taking pictures of the man and his wife.

Saturday, Jan. 24 Deputies responded to a hotel in the Snyderville Basin after receiving reports that an iPad had been stolen.

Deputies were dispatched to a North Summit residence and arrested a man for assault.

The driver of a black Acura was pulling into a parking lot in the South Snyderville Basin when the driver of a black SUV opened the door, striking the front passenger side door of the Acura. The two drivers exchanged phone numbers and the driver of the Acura stated that the driver of the SUV parked and went inside to watch a Sundance movie.

A Colorado woman reported to deputies that she had been assaulted in her hotel room near Kimball Junction by her travel companion. Deputies found both parties to be intoxicated but discovered no evidence to support the assault claim.

Thursday, Jan. 22

Deputies were dispatched to a retail store near the Tanger Outlets after receiving reports of a shoplifting incident involving two men and a woman. Employees provided possible suspect information from similar incidents which have occurred in the Salt Lake Valley.

Wednesday, Jan. 21 A woman in North Summit called to report a domestic dispute. After deputies arrived, the man was arrested and booked into Summit County Jail.

A South Summit woman called to report an argument had turned physical between her and man. During the investigation, deputies determined that the woman was the primary aggressor and she was booked into Summit County Jail for assault and intoxication.