Sheriff’s Report, June 1-3, 2016 |

Sheriff’s Report, June 1-3, 2016


The Summit County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Park City man at a hotel near Kimball Junction on Sunday on preliminary gun and intoxication charges.

The man, who is 42 years old, was taken into custody on one count of intoxication and one count of carrying a weapon while intoxicated, which are both misdemeanor charges, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

At around 1 p.m., hotel employees contacted dispatch after claiming to have witnessed the suspect walking around the hotel brandishing a rifle and handgun. The suspect had reportedly checked out of his hotel room, but then re-entered it and fell asleep. Deputies found him snoring loudly on the bed.

After he was cleared by medical personnel, he was arrested and transported to the Summit County Jail where his blood alcohol concentration was more than twice above the legal limit.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to numerous other calls between Tuesday, May 24, and Monday, May 30, including six suspected cases of domestic violence.

Monday, May 30

Deputies arrested a man in South Summit on preliminary charges of domestic violence after a woman claimed he hit her in the head with an egg.

Sunday, May 29

A man who was attending a party in the Snyderville Basin claims a friend attempted to scare him by firing a BB gun in his direction. He was struck in the upper thigh and was transported to Park City Medical Center. No citations were immediately issued.

Dispatch received a report from a man claiming someone has been living inside his home without his permission. He claimed nothing was missing and deputies were unable to locate a suspect.

A woman claimed she hired her neighbor to perform yard work for her at her Basin-area home and that he demanded payment when the work was not complete. After he had returned to her home to receive a partial payment, she claims $200 and her prescription medication were missing.

Dispatch received a report that someone was standing on a street in a Basin-area neighborhood threatening to kill someone. When deputies responded, they located a man and a woman who had been arguing. The man was arrested and preliminarily charged with assault and threat of violence.

Deputies responded to the marina at Rockport Reservoir and arrested a man on an outstanding warrant.

Deputies stopped a vehicle for speeding on Interstate 80 and cited the driver for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Saturday, May 28

No significant incidents were reported.

Friday, May 27

Deputies responded to a domestic violence incident between a man and a woman at a North Summit home. The man was transported to Park City Medical Center and then later arrested on preliminary charges of intoxication, domestic violence in the presence of a child and criminal mischief.

Dispatch received a report of man suspected to be intoxicated acting suspiciously in a Basin-area neighborhood, but were unable to locate him. The complainant said he was causing problems at a nearby party. Deputies made contact with the suspect’s sister, who claimed he had been picked up by a friend.

A 65-year-old man who rolled his pickup truck on Weber Canyon Road was arrested and preliminarily charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and open container.

Deputies stopped a vehicle traveling along State Road 224 for a brake light violation and arrested the driver on preliminary charges of possession of marijuana, equipment violation and open container.

Thursday, May 26

Someone hit a vehicle that was parked in the parking lot of a Basin-area business. An investigation is ongoing.

Dispatch received a report that two tires were stolen from a Volkswagen Jetta. Deputies located a suspect through fingerprints and he admitted to taking the tires. He was arrested on an outstanding warrant and preliminarily charged with theft as a third-degree felony.

Wednesday, May 25

A woman contacted dispatch after she left her purse on a Park City bus and claimed another woman took it. She located her iPhone through a tracking program in the Kimball Junction area, but did not retrieve it. An investigation is ongoing.

Deputies performed a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling along State Road 248 and arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant including an aggravated assault charge.

Tuesday, May 24

Dispatch received a report that several prescription drugs were stolen from a Basin home after the homeowners reportedly left the garage door open. No other items were taken from the home. An investigation is ongoing.

A 57-year-old man from Summit County was found deceased at his Basin-area home. Foul play is not suspected.

When deputies stopped a vehicle traveling along a Basin road, the driver ran away. He was arrested after a brief chase on an outstanding warrant and on preliminary charges of evading and providing false information to a law enforcement officer.

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