Sheriff’s Report, June 11-13, 2014 |

Sheriff’s Report, June 11-13, 2014

Death at Junction deemed a suicide

June 6, deputies responded to a hanging at a condominium in the Kimball Junction area. The person who found the victim had begun performing CPR while a neighbor called 911. Upon arrival, paramedics confirmed the victim, a 51-year-old woman from Summit County, was deceased. According to the sheriff’s department, there did not appear to be foul play and the death was classified as a suicide. According to the sheriff’s report of the incident, drugs and paraphernalia were found on the premises.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center also received the following calls during the last week.

June 8, a citizen reported that someone had broken into two unlocked cars and taken items including a Pioneer car stereo and two digital cameras. It is believed the items were taken while the owners were at church.

A case of criminal mischief was reported in Silver Springs where two unidentified 14-year-olds were suspected of toilet-papering a woman’s yard and placing plastic forks in her lawn. The homeowner said she heard laughing as they ran off. This was the second such incident in a week.

Also June 8, Search and Rescue personnel responded to the Washington Lake trailhead in the Uinta Mountains on a report of three missing persons near Long Lake. SAR responded and located the missing persons in good condition.

June 8, a hit-and-run accident was reported in Oakley. Complainants stated that during the night a vehicle struck a parked passenger sedan which was pushed against a pickup truck parked alongside the sedan. A neighbor reported hearing suspicious noises during the night. Officers are investigating the incident.

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During the night of June 8, items were taken from several unlocked vehicles in Summit Park. Calls came in throughout the day reporting missing items on the same street. No witnesses had come forward and no suspects had been identified when the report was filed. The case is still active.

June 8, an officer was dispatched to a grocery store at Kimball Junction, where a man claimed people were trying to kidnap him. After spending

an hour and a half trying to assist the man, he was asked to leave the store and he refused. The person was subsequently detained by immigration officers.

June 7, officers responded to a case of domestic violence at a condo complex in the Kimball Junction area. A woman called to report her boyfriend had been holding her down. When deputies arrived the male said he had tried to restrain the woman because she attacked him. Officers determined the woman to be the primary aggressor.

Also on that day a hotel manager reported a suspicious person on the premises. Deputies located an underage male who was in possession of and under the influence of alcohol. There was also an active warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

June 5, a citizen called with concerns about her son who was making suicidal threats.

He agreed to be voluntarily transported to PKMC for evaluation.

Also on June 5, employees at one of the outlet stores observed a woman placing merchandise in a baby stroller. When she tried to exit, the store’s alarm sounded. Officers discovered more than $900 in merchandise in the stroller and booked the suspect into jail on charges of retail theft.

June 4, deputies responded to a Snyderville Basin home for a report of a domestic violence incident in progress. Deputies made contact with the two individuals and one began making threats about a third person. The person had reportedly damaged that person’s property. The man was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail on several charges.

June 4, officers arrested a woman on a warrant out of St. George. The woman then used a stolen check to pay her bond.

On June 3, deputies responded to the residence on a possible suicidal male. He reportedly told his parents that he wanted to die by the cops. The male was taken to Park City Medical Center for evaluation.

June 3, a complainant at a resort-area hotel reported the front passenger side window of her car was shattered, possibly by a round from a BB gun when it was parked in the employees’ lot.

June 3, 17- year-old reportedly became violent with his younger brother. The assault resulted in the victim being transported to Park City Medical Center. The aggressor was referred to juvenile court for assault.

On June 2, deputies were dispatched to a suspicious car parked in the storage unit area. An officer located the vehicle and driver, who showed signs of alcohol consumption.

June 2, a person contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that a friend had become extremely paranoid and delusional. Deputies made contact with the suspect who said he thought he may have overdosed on several of his medications. The person was transported voluntarily to Park City Medical Center.

On June 2, a citizen reported a tool bag had been stolen from his work truck on May 31. He believed the item was taken while he was at a restaurant at Kimball Junction. The incident was under investigation.

June 2, a hotel employee in Summit County reported that a fellow employee sexually assaulted her in one of the rooms she was cleaning. It was reported to the hotel’s supervisors and to the sheriff’s department.