Sheriff’s Report, June 23-26, 2015 |

Sheriff’s Report, June 23-26, 2015

An unknown suspect allegedly transferred $34,000 between a South Summit woman’s two bank accounts and fraudulently wrote two checks for approximately $16,400, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

According to call logs, the suspect transferred approximately $34,000 from the woman’s Chase Bank savings account to her checking account. The suspect then forged two checks for approximately $16,400 and deposited the money into another Chase Bank account, the report states.

Summit County Sgt. Andrew Wright said further information is currently being gathered and will be given to the investigations division. While the bank accounts the suspect accessed are based in New York, the victim lives in Summit County. Wright said the Sheriff’s Office will handle the investigation.

There is a "50/50 chance" of tracking down the suspect, Wright said, adding that the paper trail with financial crimes tends to be long.

"Fraudulent financial crimes are very in depth because there is so much paper to follow to get back to the source," Wright said. "But we will follow every lead we get and do our due diligence in locating this person. If it comes to a dead end sometimes that happens."

Wright cautioned residents to be wary of financial scams involving large sums of money. He said oftentimes someone will want to deposit funds into one account to be transferred into another.

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"Anything like that should be a red flag," he said. "No one will you send you a large amount money. It’s not a normal way of doing business. Anything like that should be reported to police so we can investigate it."

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office daily logs, deputies responded to numerous other calls between Monday, June 14 and Saturday, June 20, including the following:

Saturday, June 20

Dispatch received reports of a man trying to enter a south Snyderville Basin apartment through an open window. The suspect claimed to be a neighbor, but left the area before deputies arrived. He was described as a white male in his 50s with brown hair, wearing a blue shirt, black shorts and no shoes.

A south Snyderville Basin business owner caught a woman stealing on the store’s security cameras. The suspect was later located near Kimball Junction and was arrested for retail theft.

A man was arrested for intoxication at a south Snyderville Basin store.

Dispatch received reports of several teens in a white car in North Summit throwing paint balloons. The registered owner of the car denied being involved and deputies were unable to locate any paint in the area of the complaint.

Deputies arrested a man at a Jeremy Ranch residence for two active warrants. He was booked into the Summit County Jail.

A south Snyderville Basin resident called dispatch several times to complain of construction crews starting work before 7 a.m.

A man called dispatch claiming he may have hit a car in a parking lot in Kimball Junction after he noticed brake light pieces on his bumper. There was no damage to his trailer and no hit and runs were reported.

Deputies were dispatched to Kimball Junction after receiving two separate calls of a man acting suspiciously. Deputies were not able to locate the suspect, who was described as an older white man with a beard, wearing a black shirt, dark backpack, tan hat and walking a small black Chihuahua.

A woman in the Pinebrook area reported her Kirby vacuum cleaner was stolen while she was moving.

Deputies responded to an apartment complex near the Tanger Outlets after dispatch received a report of a domestic violence situation involving two women. The women were separated for the night.

A man reported several items were missing from his cabin in Manor Lands, including power tools, a chain saw and a Remington rifle. Another cabin resident in the area also reported a chain saw was stolen.

Friday, June 19

A north Snyderville Basin resident reported several individuals were possibly drinking in a neighbor’s yard. Deputies arrived and searched the area, but did not find the suspects.

Thursday, June 18

A North Summit woman provided deputies with a statement about a sexual assault. The case has been forwarded to the county attorney for screening.

A man was reported missing after walking away from the group he was fishing with at Butterfly Lake. When located, he complained of chest pain. South Summit Fire responded and transported the man to a hospital in Murray.

Deputies stopped a car heading eastbound on Interstate 80 after the driver committed two moving violations. Deputies deployed a K9 unit and a search of the vehicle yielded marijuana and cocaine. One man was booked into Summit County Jail for possession, while another suspect was released at the scene.

Deputies observed a car heading eastbound on Interstate 80 committing several moving violations. The driver and the passenger admitted to being in possession of marijuana. Both suspects were cited and released for the possession.

Wednesday, June 17

Witnesses called to report a fight between two people who were seen arguing outside of their car on State Road 32. The couple left the scene before deputies arrived, but were stopped shortly after. The woman was taken into custody for assault.

Monday, June 15

A woman working near Kimball Junction claimed a coworker touched her inappropriately. There were no witnesses to the incident.

A South Summit property owner reported that his perimeter fence had been cut twice within a week. Damages were estimated to be approximately $800.

A North Summit woman claimed that someone has been ringing her doorbell late at night for the last two years. She also reported that several items have been taken from her porch.

Sunday June 14

During a traffic stop on State Road 248, deputies discovered the driver did not have a valid license. One woman was arrested for several warrants and on preliminary charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction of justice. A male passenger, who initially left the scene, was later arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction of justice. The driver was cited and released.

Dispatch received a report of a suspicious vehicle located on private property in the south Snyderville Basin. The car appeared to have struck a landscaping rock causing minor damage to the front bumper. Deputies had the car towed after they were unable to contact the registered owner.

Deputies cited and released a driver for expired registration in the south Snyderville Basin.