Sheriff’s Report, Sept. 2-5, 2015 |

Sheriff’s Report, Sept. 2-5, 2015

Park Record,

A dump truck driver sustained minor injuries Monday when his truck overturned on Brown’s Canyon Road, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office said the man was following another dump truck when it abruptly stopped to turn. He didn’t have enough time to come to a full stop and his truck overturned. The state-owned vehicle wasn’t carrying a load at the time.

The driver, described as middle-aged, was taken to Park City Medical Center as a precaution.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to numerous other calls between Sunday, Aug. 23, and Sunday, Aug. 30, including the following:

Sunday, Aug. 30

A man was traveling eastbound on Interstate 80 when deputies stopped him for speeding. He told deputies he was driving to Santa Cruz, California, to let his dog visit the area for the day before going back to Iowa. A K9 officer located more than eight pounds of marijuana and one pound of hash in the driver’s side door. He was preliminarily charged with possession with intent to distribute.

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A Kimball Junction area man reported seeing an unknown suspect steal his 1990s model Honda Accord, which had his wallet in it. His credit card was used in the Salt Lake City area.

Deputies responded to a suspicious incident at a North Summit residence. A man was arrested for an active warrant for assault.

An unknown suspect stole diesel fuel out of a man’s truck while it was parked at his residence near Kimball Junction.

Saturday, Aug. 29

A Basin-area resident reported that his tires were slashed on both of his vehicles while they were parked in the driveway.

Dispatch received a report of squatters using a South Summit campsite’s facilities. Two men were arrested for active warrants and one was preliminarily charged with possession of a drug presumed to be methamphetamine.

An elderly man was fishing when he began experiencing pain and trouble breathing. He was taken to a site along Mirror Lake Highway to meet with medical services where he collapsed and was pronounced deceased.

A Summit County woman died at her Basin-area home. The death is not considered suspicious.

An unknown suspect cut the lock to a storage unit in the Basin. No items were reported stolen.

Friday, Aug. 28

A car was stopped on State Road 32 for expired registration. Deputies found marijuana and several bottles of alcohol. The passenger was arrested for possession of the illegal substances.

Deputies were dispatched twice to a Basin-area residence after several juveniles threw eggs at the home. The suspects ran toward Ecker Hills Middle School, but were not located. They were described as boys with flashlights.

An unknown suspect allegedly kicked in the front door of a Kimball Junction area apartment and stole several items, including a guitar, an iPad and approximately $25. The case is under investigation.

A Kimball Junction-area hotel employee reported a suspicious man for trashing a hotel room. When deputies located the man, he was carrying drugs and paraphernalia. He was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

A Rocky Mountain Power employee was threatened by a North Summit resident when he was checking power lines.

Thursday, Aug. 27

No significant incidents were reported.

Wednesday, Aug .26

After a car was stopped for expired registration, marijuana and paraphernalia were found. The driver was cited and released.

Tuesday, Aug. 25

An unknown suspect broke into a car while it was parked in a Basin-area neighborhood. Several credit cards were among the items missing and were used in the Salt Lake City area.

Deputies were dispatched to a verbal altercation between a man and a woman in North Summit. The man was arrested for active warrants.

Monday, Aug. 24

Deputies were dispatched to a Basin-area residence where an assault allegedly occurred. Several firearms were initially seized, but have since been released to the owner. The county attorney’s office will consider charges for assault.

Two men were in a fight after one of them accused the other of speeding in a Basin-area neighborhood. Neither man wanted to file charges.

Deputies responded to a residence near Kimball Junction after dispatch received a tip about drug use. A small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia were found. One person was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

Sunday, Aug. 23

A man who lives near Kimball Junction claimed another man threatened to kill him. The victim wanted to report the incident, but declined to press charges.