Sheriff’s Report, Sept. 9-11, 2015 |

Sheriff’s Report, Sept. 9-11, 2015

Park Record,

An Oregon man dressed only in underwear and socks was picked up by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office Friday while walking along Interstate 80. He was taken to the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City.

The Sheriff’s Office received several calls from drivers who reported seeing him walking eastbound on the Interstate near mile marker 186.

The man claimed he was traveling with two women who assaulted and robbed him, taking his clothes, two cell phones and about $6,000.

After talking with the man at the Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of a translator, it was determined the assault did not occur in Summit County. His family was contacted in Oregon and they agreed to pick him up in Salt Lake City. He was not cited in the incident.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to numerous other calls between Monday, Aug. 31, and Sunday, Sept. 6, including the following:

Sunday, Sept. 6

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Deputies stopped a car traveling eastbound on Interstate 80 and located half a pound of a drug presumed to be methamphetamine. An investigation determined the methamphetamine was purchased in Salt Lake City and was en route to Missouri.

A man who was asked to leave a South Summit home threatened several individuals with a handgun. He fled on foot and was later located by a K9 officer hiding in the bushes. He was arrested for aggravated assault and intoxication.

A man and a woman were involved in an altercation at a Basin-area home. Deputies received inconsistent statements from them and they were separated for the night. The county attorney’s office will consider charges.

A man staying at a Basin-area hotel reported his mountain bike had been stolen.

A man reported his home in a Basin-are neighborhood has been egged four times in a week.

Dispatch received a report from a man and a woman claiming they were assaulted in North Summit by three suspects. An investigation is ongoing.

A suspect attempted to break into a storage area at a Basin-area apartment complex. The suspect was arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail.

Saturday, Sept. 5

Dispatch received a report that a vehicle crashed into a ditch at the intersection of State Road 32 and Brown’s Canyon Road. The suspects left the scene before deputies arrived. A small bag of marijuana was found in the bushes near the car.

Deputies responded to a possible sighting of two missing juveniles on State Road 224. As deputies approached them they fled on foot, but were later located. Utah Highway Patrol will be handling the case.

Friday, Sept. 4

Deputies responded to a Basin-area home after receiving a report of a domestic violence situation. Deputies discovered the fight had been a verbal argument and one of the parties agreed to leave for the night.

A man reported that eggs were thrown at his house in a Basin-area neighborhood for the third time since last week. He claimed two juveniles ran towards the mountain, but deputies were unable to locate any suspects.

Deputies were dispatched to a Basin-area neighborhood where in separate incidents an unknown suspect stole several items from two unlocked cars.

Dispatch received a report of a hit-and-run accident in a Basin-area neighborhood. The woman reportedly parked her car on the street overnight and noticed damage the following morning.

Thursday, Sept. 3

A bike was reported stolen from the Tanger Outlets. It is described as a tan and black specialized brand bike, with silver front suspension and a brown seat.

A credit card stolen from a car in Millcreek was used at a Kimball Junction area business by an unidentified man and a woman. An investigation is ongoing.

Wednesday, Sept. 2

Deputies responded to a North Summit parking lot after a teen reported one of his tires had been stabbed.

An unknown suspect stole a recycling bin from a house in a Basin-area neighborhood.

An suspect opened a fraudulent account in a Basin-area person’s name. Three laptops were purchased with the account.

Dispatch received several calls about a man walking in a road. He was arrested for intoxication at a business in the Kimball Junction area.

Tuesday, Sept. 1

Dispatch received report of a 59-year-old Wyoming woman injured one mile from the Shingle Creek trail head. She was transported to the University of Utah Hospital with a dislocated hip and an unspecified knee injury.

A man was arrested for assault at a Basin-area home.

Deputies responded to a residence near Kimball Junction when a man reported two water meters and a programming cable were stolen from his truck. The items are worth approximately $2,000.

Deputies responded to a domestic violence incident at home in a Basin-area neighborhood between a man and a woman. Neither pressed charges and the man agreed to leave for the night. The case will be forwarded to the county attorney’s office.

Dispatch received a report that an unknown man went into a Kimball Junction area business and asked for the mail of one of the businesses at the building. The mail contained several checks for the business.

Deputies responded to a report of a one-vehicle rollover accident in South Summit. The driver didn’t sustain any injuries and was cited for the crash.

An unknown suspect broke a window of a North Summit business and stole two bottles of alcohol.

Monday, Aug. 31

A man was arrested for an active warrant at a Kimball Junction area bus stop.