Sheriff’s Report: Woman arrested for intoxication at Sheldon Richins Building |

Sheriff’s Report: Woman arrested for intoxication at Sheldon Richins Building

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement responded to several calls between Monday, April 2, and Sunday, April 8, including a report of an intoxicated woman at the Sheldon Richins Building in Kimball Junction.

Sunday, April 8

No significant incidents were reported.

Saturday, April 7

A hammock and a skateboard were taken from an unlocked vehicle while it was parked on a road in the Basin.

Friday, April 6

A single-vehicle accident was reported along a South Summit road. The driver was arrested for an outstanding warrant and under suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident and driving on suspended license.

Thursday, April 5

A highly intoxicated woman was found inside the women’s restroom at the Sheldon Richins Building in the Kimball Junction area. She was arrested under suspicion of intoxication.

Wednesday, April 4

Dispatch received a report of a fight between two men at a bus stop in the Kimball Junction area. When deputies arrived, the two men were separated, but deputies arrested one of the men under suspicion of intoxication.

Deputies stopped a vehicle that was entering the Interstate 80 on ramp and arrested the driver for an outstanding warrant. The driver was also arrested under suspicion of two counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license.

A utility trailer was disconnected from a vehicle and reported stolen from the Basin.

Tuesday, April 3

Employees at a business reported about $750 worth of merchandise was taken from the store. An investigation was underway.

Dispatch received a report that a woman walked into a business in the Kimball Junction area and took a coat without paying for it.

Monday, April 2

A man contacted dispatch after a fraudulent check was deposited into his account in Sandy. He said the funds from the check were withdrawn at a bank in the Kimball Junction area. An investigation was underway.

A Basin homeowner contacted dispatch after noticing some items in his home had been moved around. Cigarette ash and a wine cork were found, along with palm prints on an outside window. No items were reported missing. An investigation was underway.

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