Silver Creek speed bump disappears |

Silver Creek speed bump disappears

Sunday night, a three-section speed bump was nailed to a Silver Creek road. Monday morning, it was gone.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 11:41 a.m. a Silver Creek resident notified dispatch that the speed bump on Redden Road was missing.

In his 17 years with the Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Ron Bridge said he has "never experienced anything like this."

All three sections of the speed bump, weighing approximately 200 pounds each, were removed. Bridge said he suspects heavy machinery was used to remove them. The speed bump is estimated to be worth approximately $1,250. It was on a road in Service Area #3.

The speed bump was reportedly unpopular among residents, but there are no suspects, Bridge said, adding that the case is under investigation.

Derrick Radke, Summit County Public Works director, said he is not aware of any similar situations. Radke said all the county’s speed bumps are made of concrete or asphalt and would be difficult to remove. However, most of the speed bumps in the service areas are temporary.

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John Gaber, a board member for Service Area #3, said a new speed bump has already been ordered. Gaber said he suspects residents of the Silver Creek community are the culprits.

"Whoever is doing this lives here and they have some pretty juvenile minds," Gaber said.

The theft was counterproductive to improving the safety of the neighborhood’s residents, which is why the speed bump was originally installed, Gaber said.

"It was not to create problems, but to get people to slow down so that we have less damage to our roads and make it safer for people and horses to be on the road," he said. "I told board members if we find out who did this, we are prosecuting them to the max."