Snyderville Basin General Plan initial hearing |

Snyderville Basin General Plan initial hearing

Snyderville Basin residents will have their first opportunity to give formal feedback on Phase 2 of the Snyderville Basin General Plan this week.

Phase 2 of the General Plan specifically addresses land use and zoning, sustainability, transportation and recreation. The plan’s intent is "to encourage economic growth and diversification and to manage development and redevelopment in a manner that will preserve and enhance the Basin’s quality of life," according to the General Plan.

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the proposed amendments to the General Plan on Tuesday, Jan. 13, at 6 p.m., at Ecker Hill Middle School, 2465 Kilby Road, in Park City.

"This will be their opportunity to give a reaction and feedback to the ideas that are put forward in the plan," Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt said. "At the open house, we hopefully gave the public a good foundation of what they are proposing in the plan. Now, it’s the public’s turn to tell the commission what they think."

The plan includes an overall strategy for the 16 neighborhoods in the Snyderville Basin and it will serve as the governing document for future development for the next 25 years.

More than 150 residents attended the General Plan open house last month, largely expressing concern with the plan’s effect on their neighborhoods, especially Jeremy Ranch.

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"I think we will hear people express comments about what the impact of this plan is on their neighborhoods," Putt said. "Does it help preserve the neighborhood, is it proposing activity or interest that they don’t want to see happening?"

Approximately 50 Jeremy Ranch residents attended a recent Homeowner’s Association meeting to discuss what the plan is proposing for land use in their neighborhood.

In particular, they expressed concerns about a developer’s pending proposal to amend an old agreement from 2005 that limits land use for retail and office space to 66,000 square feet.

The developer’s proposal, as defined in a letter to the county, was to increase the square footage requirement to 215,000 square feet, to allow for a hotel, commercial, office and residential space.

"They feel very strongly, as well they should, if there is going to be development there and if that change occurs right at their front door of their neighborhood, they want to have an active role," said Putt, who attended the meeting. The developer has yet to submit a formal application.

After Tuesday’s meeting, the planning commission will likely hold at least one more public hearing, Putt said, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 27.

"At that point, it will probably be their first opportunity, should they choose, to forward a recommendation," Putt said of the planning commission. "I think what we will hear Tuesday night will be perhaps a punch list of potential changes, edits, additions and deletions."

After the document is forwarded to the County Council, it will go through another series of public hearings before it is adopted.

The Snyderville Basin General Plan draft can be found online on the Summit County homepage,