Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hear Skullcandy parking arguments |

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will hear Skullcandy parking arguments

It sounds like The Boyer Company and Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioners are getting closer to reaching an agreement about parking for the new Skullcandy headquarters building in the Park City Tech Center at Kimball Junction.

Over the last several weeks, representatives from The Boyer Company and Skullcandy have met with commissioners and Summit County staff to discuss the final site plan for the building, which will be located west of the Park City Chamber/Bureau’s Visitor Center on State Road 224. In September, Skullcandy announced it wanted to relocate its current headquarters from a location in Newpark.

A public hearing is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, at the Sheldon Richins Building. It is listed as a hearing, with the possibility of approval, and it will be the fifth hearing held on the issue.

Boyer Company was requesting 231 parking spaces, which staff claimed was 85 more than allowed by the Basin Development Code, based on its lease agreement with Skullcandy. Skullcandy, which specializes in audio equipment such as headphones and speakers, has 170 employees with the potential of growing to 220.

The development code provides an exception for spaces beyond a ratio based on gross square footage, but the spaces must be contained within a parking structure.

Boyer and commissioners were on the verge of a stalemate until the developer presented a revised plan that staff said was "more in line with the code and development agreement for the Park City Tech Center." Planning Commission Chair Bea Peck said it was "a pretty creative plan" to potentially resolve the parking issues.

Amir Caus, a Summit County planner, said the new solution proposes a shared parking system. He said more spaces will be provided during the construction of the Skullcandy building, but they will be part of the parking for future buildings built in the Park City Tech Center. The nearly 50,000-square-foot Skullcandy building would be only the second constructed as part of the development.

"This is kind of going to be the flagship project," Caus said. "They are providing more parking up front for this project, but for the next building shared parking is assumed automatically. The county won’t get involved with private lease agreements again with how much one needs and what Boyer is going to provide.

"This proposal is much more in line with the master plan and I’m about 90 percent sure it will be approved," Caus said.

Peck said county staff successfully crafted a working solution that adheres to the development agreement and code, while allowing Boyer some flexibility.

"The general tone of this is very good and the revised parking plans that they produced still gave the number of parking lots they wanted for Skullcandy, but it was done in such a way it that it will satisfy the development agreement because of shared-parking aspect," Peck said.

Townhouse development hearing

Basin planning commissioners are also scheduled to discuss and possibly take action on a proposed subdivision plan for a 12-unit townhouse development, Fiddich Glen, on North Creekside Lane, in the Spring Creek Commercial Plaza off of Bitner Road, near Kimball Junction.

The applicant is requesting approval to construct the townhouses. The hearing is also scheduled for 6 p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, at the Sheldon Richins Building.

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