Snyderville Basin woman claims man took photo up her skirt |

Snyderville Basin woman claims man took photo up her skirt

A Snyderville Basin woman is warning others after she says a man snapped a photo with his cellphone up her skirt while she was shopping at the Fresh Market in Pinebrook.

Amber Ryckaert, who lives in Timberline, said the incident occurred on June 1 while she was reading the label on a product. She said she was looking up the ingredients on her phone and had her back toward the aisle when she felt something brush against the back of her knee.

“It felt like someone’s fingertip and I thought it was really bizarre,” she said. “And when I turned around, I saw this guy turning away from me at the same time and he had his phone in his hand. He kind of glanced up at me and I tried to attract some attention by getting really loud, but he just ran away.”

It took Ryckaert a few moments to process what had happened before she started walking after the man. She said he ran to the back of store before she lost sight of him.

“I was kind of walking along the back of the store looking down each aisle,” she said. “He was nowhere to be seen so I found the manager and told him what happened.”

Ryckaert said she was angry about the situation and upset she didn’t react quicker. She added, “I’ve read about similar situations, but I’ve never really thought much about it happening to me.”

“I just want women to know this happened,” she said. “I guess I always thought that there would be no way that someone would be brazen enough to do that in a public place. But, obviously they do. I just thought that he might frequent that store and is an opportunist and waits for women who aren’t paying attention. I wanted to let people know that he is out there.”

Lt. Andrew Wright, with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, said Ryckaert reported the incident that evening.. He said Ryckaert describes the man as being in his late teens or early 20s.

“That’s basically all that we have to go off of,” he said. “We checked with the store to see if they had any video surveillance to see if that was actually the case, but, unfortunately, there is not video surveillance available. At this point we are going off of her assumption of what happened.”

Wright did not discredit the woman’s account. But, he said, there were no witnesses or available evidence to support her claim. He said no similar reports have been filed recently.

“We hope that is not what happened,” he said. “But, if it did happen and this person happens to being going around and taking advantage of opportunities to do such a thing, we definitely want to make contact with this person and see what they are doing.”

Wright encouraged anyone who has witnessed similar behavior to contact law enforcement and file a report. He added, “That’s a big deal if people are going out in public and preying on other people and taking advantage of what they are wearing to do this kind of thing.”

“I would never discount the situation. She was the one in that situation and based it off of the circumstances surrounding what she felt and her gut feeling,” he said. “We won’t treat it any differently. But, the challenges for us are that we do not have any specific evidence that helps us piece it together. That is what is difficult for us.”

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