State Road 248 hotel under construction |

State Road 248 hotel under construction

A map shows the location of a hotel that is under construction along State Road 248 in Wasatch County. The project will include a 250-room condo hotel with individually owned units, two ice skating rinks, a conference center and restaurant. (Map Data © 2016 Google)

As Summit County Council member Tal Adair was driving toward Francis earlier this week, he tried to imagine what a large hotel along the northeast side of State Road 248 and Brown’s Canyon Road would look like.

"All I kept thinking about was all of the cars it could create and people having to stop as other people are coming in and out of there," he said.

However, Adair won’t have to wonder for long.

A 250-room condo hotel project with individually owned units is currently under construction between S.R. 248 and Peace Tree Trail, adjacent to Black Rock Ridge in Wasatch County. In addition to a hotel, the project will include a restaurant, spa, ice skating rinks and a conference center. Crews recently started performing the grading work to prepare the site’s foundation. The hotel is scheduled to open toward the end of summer 2017.

"I just caught wind of it and am learning more and more about it every day," Adair said.

Wasatch County Officials say some long anticipated significant projects are finally starting to materialize near the Jordanelle Reservoir. Most of the larger developments that are currently being proposed are concentrated along U.S. 40 near Deer Valley Resort.

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Justin Griffin, owner of the Jovid Mark Hotel development, said one of the benefits of the hotel site is that it is adjacent to the Black Rock Ridge development, which he referred to as "the fastest and best-selling development in Park City." Griffin said he also hopes the ice rinks will serve as one of the major draws.

"We understand it’s not on a ski resort and that is why we are creating something to bring people out that way," Griffin said. "The ice rinks are going to be a big deal."

The hotel will feature two indoor rinks, Griffin said, adding that one will be of NHL regulation-size. He said he anticipates the rinks will bring traveling hockey teams and large events to the venue.

Park City officials have been discussing expanding the Park City Ice Arena, which operates at nearly 100 percent capacity, since the 2014 Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District bond was approved and included funds to finance an expansion. However, no specific details have been finalized.

Griffin said he has connected with those at the Ice Arena and "looks forward to establishing a working relationship between the two arenas."

The Wasatch County Council granted a conditional-use permit for the development in 2015. Some of the conditions of approval that were placed on the project included a traffic analysis, a requirement that the hotel be a "4-5 star boutique hotel" and public access to a portion of the road going into the Deer Canyon Preserve.

Wasatch County Planning Director Doug Smith said when he reviewed the traffic analysis that was conducted a year ago, it revealed that several intersections would fail with the buildout of the hotel.

"That analysis was reviewed by our consultant, who came back and said that with a light and some dedicated turn lanes, it would all be fixed," Smith said. "But that’s a Utah Department of Transportation Road and it would be up to them."

Summit County officials were recently updated about the potential residential and commercial development that could take place in Wasatch County. During their discussions, council members emphasized a need to "keep an eye on" the projects and the potential impacts they could have on the county’s traffic and housing situations.

The developers also recently approached Wasatch County’s planning department seeking approval for the units to be lock-off capable to enable someone to rent part of the space. Wasatch County’s legal department is currently reviewing the current conditional-use permit to determine whether the developer needs to submit a revised application.

"They are saying it is still the same number of units, but I am saying no. It needs to go back for a revised conditional use," Smith said.

Over the course of the year, Griffin said they have been able to better understand the site. He added that lock-off rooms make sense.

"We think the modifications we are seeking will make it a better project," Griffin said. "If we can’t get those, then we will just stick with the one that we already have and is approved."