Summit County Clerk anticipates high voter turnout |

Summit County Clerk anticipates high voter turnout

Ballot drop boxes will be placed at the follow locations:

  • Coalville City Hall, 10 No. Main St.
  • Henefer Town Hall, 150 W. Center St.
  • Francis City Hall, 2317 S. Spring Hollow Road
  • Oakley City Hall, 960 W. Center St.
  • Kamas City Hall, 170 N. Main St.
  • Park City Municipal Building, 445 Marsac Ave.
  • Bell’s at Silver Creek, 7100 Silver Creek Road

With less than a week left until Election Day, Summit County Clerk Kent Jones said he is already anticipating getting back more than half of the ballots that were sent to registered voters.

As of Tuesday at around 10 a.m., about 2,700 mail-in ballots had been returned, Jones said. The Clerk’s Office did not have a breakdown of where the ballots were from.

“We are expecting the municipal election turnout to be pretty good,” Jones said. “We’ve had above historical numbers because of the mail-in ballots for the primary and assume that will carry on. Typically, in municipal election years we would hit anywhere from 40 to 50 percent. I think it will be higher than that this year.”

On Oct. 17, the Clerk’s Office sent nearly 11,000 ballots to registered voters in the county’s five municipalities, the South Summit School District and Service Area No. 3. The Clerk’s Office is planning to send one more batch of ballots on Thursday, Nov. 2.

Return ballots have to be postmarked on or before Nov. 6. They can also be placed in drop boxes before 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 7.

“People who have an issue, like they never got a ballot due to a wrong address or wrong name, can go on Election Day and fill out a provisional form,” Jones said. “The ballots will be printed there and dropped in like everyone else’s. They can always call us and we will look it up to see where it was mailed.”

Voters who will be out of town through Election Day are able to request absentee ballots before the final batch is mailed on Thursday, Jones said.

Tuesday, Oct. 31, was the last day for voter registration. While two people registered in the Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, Jones said he did not anticipate a huge last-minute rush.

Voters in Park City will be selecting a new mayor and two City Council seats. The mayoral position and two City Council seats will also be on the ballot in the following cities: Kamas, Oakley, Francis, Coalville and Henefer.

More than 42 percent of the electorate voted in the primaries for Coalville, Kamas, Oakley and Park City, Jones said. He compared it to other years, where only 20 percent of voters participated.

“I don’t think we will hit 80 percent like we did in the presidential election, but I think we will hit over 50 percent,” Jones said.

For more information about voting, contact the Clerk’s Office at 615-3203 or 615-3204.

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