Summit County Council member Dave Ure will soon be stepping down |

Summit County Council member Dave Ure will soon be stepping down

Angelique McNaughton

The makeup of the Summit County Council will soon be changing. County Council member Dave Ure will be stepping down from his post three years before his term was due to expire.

Last week, Governor Gary Herbert announced that Ure will become the new director of the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration on Jan. 1 for a four-year term. Ure will soon start work as a director designee and will be required to resign prior to assuming his post.

Ure says he has mixed emotions about his appointment as director because it means he will have to relinquish his seat on the county council.

"The county is on the verge of doing many new things, not just with the East Side planning and zoning, but with transportation as well," Ure said. "But I have been donating my time for six years as a trustee on the board, learning and really enjoying it, and I think I can raise SITLA to another level and put more money in the coffers for the kids."

Ure, a fourth-generation rancher in the Kamas Valley, is the only member of the five-member council from the East Side of the county. The Republican incumbent was re-elected to the County Council in November 2014. He is completing his seventh year on council, having successfully won three elections.

When the announcement was released by Herbert’s office last week, Ure hadn’t yet told council members of his new position. He said he wanted to wait until the council’s retreat, Monday.

"I wanted to wait for an announcement until Monday because I didn’t want any surprises, I don’t like surprises, and I didn’t want them to read about it in the paper," Ure said. "I wanted to be able to tell them face-to-face about the timelines and the reasons, just out of a mutual respect for them."

Once Ure delivers his letter of resignation, which he said he plans to do within the next few days, the Summit County Republican Party will begin the process of recruiting candidates to recommend to the Republican Party central committee.

The central committee will forward one name to the County Council, who will have five days to accept or reject the candidate. If the council rejects the nomination, the appointment will be made by the governor. The new appointee will serve for one year and then be required to run for re-election in 2016.

Ure said he anticipates resigning within three weeks of the letter’s delivery so that he can still participate in the "heavier part of the budget" process. Ure’s departure comes at a critical time for the county with the budget review only recently started.

Ure said he recognizes that he is leaving at a time when more resources are being allocated toward issues, such as transportation and affordable housing, which he deemed as the most important ones facing the county.

"Transportation is by far the biggest and important thing we will take on in the next 10 to 15 years," Ure said. "I would hope central committee Republicans choose someone from the East Side. I think that I have represented the East Side quite well and I think I have represented agriculture. It’s hard for some people from the West Side to understand how it works."

Kim Carson, County Council chair, said she is looking forward to considering the candidates that are offered up by the Republican Party.

"I hope they will look for someone who is willing to have discussions and be at the table to talk through things and not be one who is trying to be an obstruction," Carson said.

Gaining a new member at this point in the budget process won’t be detrimental, Carson said, adding that the discussions will be picking up more over the next few weeks. Carson said once a new member is appointed, staff and council members will work "very hard to bring them up to speed."

Council members are excited about Ure’s new appointment, Carson said. However, his input will be missed, she added.

"We understand why he is taking it and we will do everything we can to help support the new member," Carson said. "None of us will ever agree on everything, but we will miss what he brings to the table and we wish him well."

Tal Adair, the chairman of the Summit County Republican Party, said several people have expressed interest in the pursuing the seat. However, no action can be taken or official declarations filed until Ure delivers his resignation.

In considering a candidate, Adair said the party would like to nominate someone who would be interested in seeking re-election in 2016 for a full term. Adair also said there has not been any discussions about where the candidate would reside.

"There haven’t been any discussions in terms of East Side or West Side. It’s not appropriate," Adair said. "Anyone who wants to put their hat in the ring and be considered should be able to benefit the county as a whole, no matter what part of the county they are in. They should be unbiased to one side or the other. We just want people to be engaged and part of the process."

If interested in pursuing a seat on the County Council, contact Adair via email at or at 801-201-3601..