Summit County Council not ready to revisit proposed East Side zoning map |

Summit County Council not ready to revisit proposed East Side zoning map

Council cancels hearing

The Summit County Council has yet to revisit the zoning district map that is being proposed for the East Side of the county, more than a year after the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission handed it to the council.

In December 2015, Planning Commissioners forwarded the County Council a positive recommendation on the map and amendments, but the vote was split 4-3, with Tonja Hanson, Ken Henrie and former commissioner Doug Clyde dissenting. Clyde now sits on the County Council and is the only East Side representative.

County Council members placed the commission’s revisions to the official zoning map aside while they considered the amendments to Chapter 4, which primarily concern the processes and procedures for applying the newly created zones. Those amendments have not been approved.

On Wednesday, the County Council was scheduled to hold a public hearing to accept input on the revisions to the official zoning map, found in Chapter 3 of the development code. However, the hearing was cancelled. Another date has not been scheduled.

County Council members are still expected to discuss and take comment on Chapter 4 during the meeting at the County Courthouse in Coalville.

“We have had very in-depth conversations about Chapter 4, but we still think we have a few complicated issues to work on. One of the things that has been coming to us from the Health Department during the last couple of meetings that raises significant concerns is about the soil capabilities of the lands that will be rezoned,” Clyde said. “In addition, we will be considering, not only the effects on sewer, but the effects on the roadway systems. There was there was never an analysis of the impacts on the county roadway systems.”

Clyde said the County Council must carefully analyze the details of all those issues. He added, “I think they will be long and complicated conversations and we will need to have a lot of them.” However, Clyde said the conversations won’t need to take place before the council addresses the map.

“They will be contiguous because we have already asked the Health Department to provide information, but it has yet to be overlaid on the maps,” Clyde said. “We still continue to get input from various residents and we hear a lot of concern about the amount of zoning out there and some who are concerned about developing their property.”

The new zoning districts that are being considered are:

  • Agriculture (AG-6): one unit per six acres
  • Agriculture (AG-20): one unit per 20 acres
  • Agriculture (Ag 40): one unit per 40 acres
  • Agriculture (AG-80): it replaces the current AG-100 zone

An Agriculture (AG-1) zone is being proposed to replace the current highway corridor along all county roads, except Democrat Alley in Oakley and Rob Young Lane near Peoa. The AG-1 zone would extend the current highway corridor an additional 250 feet from the center of the state roads.

The map the County Council will eventually review outlines the boundaries of the new zoning districts. It looks significantly different than the current zoning map and extends the new AG-6 and AG-20 districts into areas that currently only allow one unit per 40 acres or 100 acres.

Hundreds of East Side property owners attended hearings about the maps while they were before the commission, with several ending in shouts expletives. A representative of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office often showed up at the meetings to keep the peace.

The County Council will like hold several more hearings before making a decision about the map and amendments.

To view the potential zoning districts, go to

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