Summit County issues safety reminders for winter season |

Summit County issues safety reminders for winter season

Summit County recently issued reminders related to storm safety, snow removal and curbside pickup for the 2017-2018 winter season.

Hours of operation

Summit County plow operators will work from 4 a.m. until 10 p.m., unless a storm rolls in overnight and continues throughout the day. Main roads and school bus routes will become the focus. This is due to enforcement of commercial driver’s license hours of operation and a lack of human resources to cover every road.

Snow Storage

All property owners must contain all of the snow from their property, including their driveway, on their own property (Summit County Code 7-3-4 & 7-3-5). They may not push their snow out onto a county road or into the county right-of-way because it creates hazards to plow operators and other drivers.

All landscaping, mail boxes, markers and other items placed in the county right-of-way are at risk. Any damage sustained to these items will not be the responsibility of the county (Summit County Code 7-3-10).

Crews do everything they can to miss/avoid hitting these items, but they cannot see what’s under the snow. As heavy/wet snow rolls out the end of the plow blade, there is a lot of force that easily knocks things over, such as mailboxes. Any damage that may be caused to county snow removal equipment may become the responsibility of the property owner.

All utilities must be marked with a pole and flag

All fire hydrants and utility structures shall be marked by the owner of the hydrant or utility structures with a pole or other sign that extends well above the normally anticipated depth of accumulated snow – a 6-foot minimum – at that location so that locations of the hydrants and utility structures can be readily determined even during periods when it is covered (Summit County Code 7-3-8).

Seasonal limits on parking

No on-street parking is authorized on county roads, except otherwise marked by the county, between Nov. 15 and April 15.

Vehicles or other obstacles which hamper county snow-removal operations will be towed or removed at the owner’s expense. The county shall not assume any liability for damage to vehicles parked on the street, or other obstacles placed in the county right-of-way in violation of this chapter.

Damage to snow removal equipment resulting from contact with vehicles which are illegally parked or other obstacles placed in the county right-of-way shall be the responsibility of the vehicle owner or persons responsible for the obstacles placed there (Summit County Code 7-3-3).

General Safety

When walking or riding, watch for plows because plow drivers may not see you. Do not run into the street to flag down a plow. This may surprise the operator and cause an accident.

Do not build snow forts in the big snow berms along the road. A plow could come along at any time and push into the piles.

Solid Waste Services

If weather delays trash or recycling pickup, leave cans next to the road and they will be serviced the next day, if possible. Severe weather delays can cause a cascade of delays to areas that are supposed to be served on subsequent days.

For more information, call 435-336-3970

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