Summit County launches recycling informational site |

Summit County launches recycling informational site

Website includes information about household recycling

The Park Record

This week, Summit County launched a new website dedicated to the county's recycling services.

"There is still plenty of confusion about what can be recycled and what can't be and where it should go," said Roger Armstrong, Summit County Council member. "This website should hopefully make things much clearer."

The website includes informational videos about household recycling and the items that are accepted in the bins for curbside pickup. Some of the items excluded through collections services include glass, small appliances, plastic bags and styrofoam, among others.

"We discovered a good way to communicate the information is to break it down in the easiest way possible for the public to understand," Julie Booth, Summit County's public information officer, said in a release. "For instance, the receiving center for the county's recycled materials list aseptic packaging as acceptable for the curbside bin, but residents may not know what that means. The new site educates the public with interactive visuals and content."

Booth said the website will be regularly updated to address any changes regarding items that are acceptable for household recycling.

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