Summit County political parties look to solidify ballot |

Summit County political parties look to solidify ballot

Nan Chalat Noaker, The Park Record

Summit County’s Democratic and Republican parties will meet this week to try to solidify their candidate slates. Delegates chosen at the recent neighborhood caucuses will be casting ballots in those races where more than one candidate filed on their party’s ticket. The goal is to circumvent the need for primary runoff races in June.

Summit County Democratic delegates will cast ballots in only one county contest on Saturday three Democratic candidates filed for the auditor’s post being vacated by Blake Frazier. Then in April, the county’s delegates to the state convention will join delegates throughout the Utah’s first congressional district to try to decide the race between two Democratic candidates, one of whom will face incumbent House representative Rob Bishop in November.

Summit County’s Republican delegates have a bigger job. There are multiple candidates in two county races — for recorder and sheriff. If a candidate in either race earns a majority of the delegate votes they will go on to face the Democratic challengers Mary Ann Trussell and Justin Martinez, respectively.

The county’s delegates to the Republican state convention, also in April, will be voting in four races including one state senate race, two state house races and one Congressional seat.

Summit County Democrats are scheduled to convene their county convention at 4 p.m. this Saturday, March 29, at St. Luke’s Church in Park City. Summit County Republicans will meet at 5 p.m., Thursday, April 3 at South Summit High School. The public, regardless of party affiliation, is welcome at both county conventions but only delegates are eligible to vote.

Party Convention contests of interest to Summit County voters:

At the Democratic county convention

Auditor – 4 Year term

  • Scot Carlson
  • Alex Butwinski
  • Michael Howard

    At the Democratic State convention:

    U.S. House District 1 (2–Year Term)

  • Peter C. Clemens
  • Donna McAleer

    At Republican county convention:

    Recorder 6-yr term

  • Elizabeth Gwilliam
  • Vicki Richards

    Sheriff – 4 -Year term

  • Dax Shane
  • Kris Hendricksen

    At Republican state convention:

    State Senate District 26 (4-year term)

  • Kevin T. Van Tassell (incumbent)
  • Susan Hacking Horrocks

    Representative District 53 (2–Year Term)

  • Melvin R Brown (incumbent)
  • Blaine D. Hone
  • John B Zimmerman

    Representative District 54 (2–Year Term)

  • Kraig Powell (incumbent)
  • Wylder Smith

    U.S. House District 1 (2–Year Term) (2–Year Term)

  • David Yu-Lin Chiu
  • Rob Bishop (incumbent)

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