Summit County recorder retiring |

Summit County recorder retiring

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Summit County Recorder Alan Spriggs recently announced he’ll be retiring on May 10, after 29 years with the county.

Spriggs’ said he is leaving before his term is up at the end of 2014 because he has reached retirement age.

"I’ll be 66 pretty soon and I’d like to have time to spend with my family and visit family members that have moved to distant locations in the United States," he said. "I also feel good about the work I’ve done with the county. I’ve prepared my staff to carry on without any interruption, and I feel the office is being left in very competent hands. So all those things combined made me feel that it’s the right time to retire."

At the time he ran for office, Spriggs was the branch manager of a Utah title company.

"The former recorder was retiring and those in the title industry were concerned about having someone who was schooled in title research," he said. "So I was asked by my Democratic Party and many people in the title business if I would be interested in running for recorder."

Spriggs said that since he was first elected he has seen many things change in the county, including the introduction to high-tech equipment to his field.

"For example, in the Recorders Office, it was originally just typewriters and handwriting," he said. "And now everything is being done by computers and electronic means. We’ve even introduced electronic recording here in Summit County."

Electronic recording enables documents to be recorded from anywhere in the United States.

"As long as you’re in contact with an excepted vender, you don’t even have to come to the Recorder’s Office anymore to record your documents," he said. "You can be in Salt Lake, and we’ll record it and send it back to you in a matter of two to three minutes. Then everything is done and it goes into our system."

Spriggs said he is proud of the role he has played in bringing about the changes.

"I think they’ve been a good thing, and I feel very good about the work I’ve done over the years," he said.

Spriggs added that he appreciates the people he has worked with in the county..

"I have worked with some very fine people in the Recorder’s Office and in the Courthouse in general," he said. "And I have come to know and respect the people who continue to work here and those who have given their time to the county, particularly in leadership positions, such as the former county commissioners and the council members who have done so much for the community."

An interim recorder will be appointed by the Democratic Party to serve the remainder of Spriggs’ term.

"And then if they want to continue, they will have to run in the 2014 General Election," he said.

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