Summit County Republican chair seeks full term with County Council |

Summit County Republican chair seeks full term with County Council

Most of the clients Tal Adair works with as a mortgage banker in Kamas live in Summit County, which, he said, helps him understand the different dynamics that families go through on a day-to-day basis.

Adair said, if he is elected to serve on the Summit County Council in November, he will bring with him that overall understanding about how the county’s operations affect families living, working and commuting in the area.

"A leader needs to be understanding of people as a whole and I’ve learned in this position it’s all about the people," Adair said. "It doesn’t matter where you live in the county because we all want the same thing: to preserve our way of life."

Adair, 52, of Francis, recently filed as a Republican to retain his seat on the County Council. He was appointed to a one-year term in November to replace Dave Ure. During the selection process, Adair promised he would seek reelection if appointed.

"It has been a lot of fun to be involved and help improve Summit County and I want to continue with it," Adair said. "I think all of our needs are pretty much the same, too. But we know there is growth coming and people want to come and experience the same lifestyle that we all enjoy. We also just want to continue to preserve that while growing in cultural and historical ways."

Adair said the key to balancing the impending growth is to create a vision of "where we are at today that will capture who we are and where we want to go."

"You find that balance in a combination of places, mainly between our history of culture and our lifestyle," Adair said. "We know these pressures are coming and we cannot ignore those opportunities for growth because it can also bring good things to the county. It’s not necessarily bad."

The economic impact of growth and the ability to bring commercial services to others parts of the county are just as important as maintaining the desired lifestyle, Adair said.

"We can bring commerce to Summit County so we don’t have to export our kids and import our services from outside of the county," Adair said. "We can stay here close to home and have good and high paying jobs."

The ability to bring in more commercial services and create smaller communities centered around those business centers could reduce the traffic congestion that plagues the county, Adair said. He added that introducing new transit routes into the county would also enable more people to use the system and leave their cars at home.

"We need to stay close to home so we don’t have to drive," Adair said. "We all have cars and we all are driving. We need to understand how that transportation works in our everyday life and how to bring new ways to reduce our driving."

Adair is entering into his fourth year as the Republican Party Chair for Summit County. He previously served as the district chair for six years for the eastern part of the county. This will be his first campaign for office.

As an East Side resident, Adair said he interacts with several different types of people and understands their diverse needs.

"I understand those that are on the lower end of the income spectrum and those that may have a higher income. I understand the demographics and bring a perspective that a lot of people may not," Adair said. "We all live here and if you want change get involved. Do not be dissuaded by the national elections. Just get involved in Summit County and your local politics. Know what your candidates stand for."

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