Summit County Republican Party selects Tal Adair for County Council |

Summit County Republican Party selects Tal Adair for County Council

The Summit County Central Republican Committee selected Tal Adair as the party’s nomination to fill the vacant seat on the County Council.

Adair and co-candidates ron Ames and Seth Winterton appeared before the party’s Central Committee Thursday at South Summit High School. More than 30 members of the central committee and several community members attended the interview-like process. The vacancy was created by the recent departure of Dave Ure. Utah Governor Gary Herbert appointed Ure director of the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration.

Two rounds of voting were required to achieve a majority, or 60 percent, in favor of one of the names. After the first vote, Ames was eliminated. Ames, 43, of Francis, is a Francis City Councilman and lawyer in Kamas. Winterton, 66, of Woodland was also eliminated. Winterton runs a ranch operation in Woodland.

Adair, 51, of Francis, has served as the county’s Republican Party chair for three years. He is a loan officer in Kamas. He and his wife, Desirae, have four children.

"I’m elated and excited to be part of Summit County and represent the East Side and their values and work with the current council to bring together all of Summit County together," Adair. "I think I have a good foundation to learn and grow from as far as how people affect things in real life. My business is on the East Side so I understand that side and I understand the West Side and the differences in both."

Adair’s name was forwarded to the Summit County Council Friday. Members have five calendar days to accept or reject the nomination. If the council rejects the party’s nomination, the appointment will be made by Utah Governor Gary Herbert. The governor will have 30 days to make a decision.

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If the council accepts Adair as the nomination, he will join Roger Armstrong, Chris Robinson, Claudia McMullin and chair Kim Carson. He would be the only representative from the East Side.

"Dave Ure was a great asset as far as representing the East Side and me being in the region I have a different perspective," Adair said. "I live here and my kids go to school here and I go to the local store. I understand and people can talk to me. I understand the needs on the East Side just by living here and they are slightly different than the West Side and things that need to be taken care of."

The County Council is currently in the midst of the FY 2016 budgeting process and will soon receive a recommendation from the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission concerning the proposed zoning districts for the East Side.

Adair said he will be able to look at these issues with a "fresh set of eyes" and more critically.

"I think I bring a good perspective," Adair said. "Being new sometimes you have an opportunity to look at everything rather than having blinders on. I have a perspective where I am not entrenched in it and being from the East Side I may see something the other council members don’t. I think it will be a good thing and I will be a little more alert because I am in such a learning mode."

The term for the vacant seat lasts one year, until the next election. Three additional seats, held by Armstrong, McMullin and Carson, will also be on the ballot.