Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy herds wandering elk |

Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy herds wandering elk

Summit County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Moutsos prevented approximately 50 elk from crossing onto Interstate 80 via the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course and County Club, two days in a row.

After dispatch received multiple reports concerning an elk herd and their close proximity to I-80 on both Wednesday and Thursday morning, Moutsos was the responding deputy each time.

"I think my main concern was them coming across onto I-80," he said. "If those things would have jumped the fence, it would have been a nightmare."

"Thursday was a little scarier than Wednesday, but I think it was the same herd both times," Moutsos added.

When he arrived on Thursday morning around 7:45 a.m., he said the elk were running back and forth between two holes on the golf course.

"The way they were going back and forth, they would have been stuck there for hours," he said.

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When the herd started to run toward Frontage Road, Moutsos flashed his truck lights and approached the herd head-on to steer them back toward the golf course, eventually driving onto the course when one elk made a dash for the road.

"They were just lost," he said. "When they come down in there, there’s really nowhere for them to go except back the way they came."

After Moutsos determined the elk were retreating and no longer a threat to the morning commuters, he exited his vehicle and began filming it, he said.

"It was actually kind of cool at the end," Moutsos said. "We see elk running around a lot, with a few here and there, but that was the most I’ve seen like that.

"Summit County is a good place to work," he joked, adding especially when he gets dispatched on calls to herd elk.