Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigating rape claim |

Summit County Sheriff’s Office investigating rape claim

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the alleged rape of a 12-year-old female at the Kamas rodeo arena. The case, which reportedly occurred last year, was referred to the Sheriff’s Office by Wasatch County.

The 12-year-old victim alleges she was forced into having sex with a 13-year-old at the Kamas rodeo grounds, according to Summit County Sheriff’s Office call logs. The report states the victim was unable to be interviewed when the claim was first made last week.

Summit County Sgt. Andrew Wright said the county will take the lead on the investigation since the incident occurred within the county. He said the case has been forwarded to investigators, who will work with the victim to set up an interview to gather additional details.

Sex offenses involving juveniles are handled differently because "so many variables come into play," Wright said. The label attached to the assault and any potential charges will depend on the ages of the victim and the suspect.

Wright said any time an incident involves a child, the victim is referred to the county’s victim advocate, who operates under the umbrella of the Summit County Attorney’s Office. The investigation could also involve the Summit County Children’s Justice Center, Wright said.

As summer events are becoming more frequent, Wright cautioned parents to pay close attention to children and not let them wander off alone.

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"Whether it’s Fair Days or July Fourth, pay attention to what your children are doing and don’t allow them to go out and run around alone," Wright said. "Make sure they are always with someone and watch for any kinds of behaviors that seem different compared to how they are normally acting. If they do have any kind of suspicions, of course, they need to always call law enforcement and we are happy to look into anything."