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Taulia thriving in its new Kimball Junction home

Matthew Wright is the vice president of client services for Taulia, a software company that provides supplier financing solutions for large buying organizations. In February, Taulia moved to a space in Kimball Junction from its old Prospector office. (Aaron Osowski/Park Record)

Local software company Taulia — built on providing supplier financing solutions for large buying organizations — is expanding, and rewriting the story for what has been an infamous location in Kimball Junction. Taulia is occupying the space of the former nightclub Club Suede, which was shuttered after a fatal shooting in 2003.

Walking into Taulia’s office — located above the Kimball Junction Subway — is like walking into a hip and trendy Silicon Valley tech company’s office. It has the open workplace environment and modern color themes, but with a view of three ski resorts.

Matthew Wright is Taulia’s vice president of client services who has been with the company since 2010. Taulia was founded by four Germans in San Francisco, who started the company in 2009. Their first customer, Pfizer, came at the end of 2010 and now they have branches in San Francisco, Park City, London and Sofia, Bulgaria, and serve companies largely in the Global 2000.

"We’re attracting impressive talent because we’re able to offer [professionals] the unique combination of working for a San Francisco-based tech company, but getting to enjoy the lifestyle of living in Park City," Wright said.

Taulia provides accounts payable automation platforms that allow buying organizations to offer invoices that are approved but not yet due for payment, thus facilitating early payments in exchange for discounts, Wright said.

In today’s market, he said many companies are stockpiling money, such as Apple, which has well over $100 billion in cash around the world, investing it with financial institutions at a rate of around 1 percent APR. When buyers offer early pay discounts, however, they offer rates of around 8 percent on the low end, all the way to 24 percent on the high end.

As well as the crucial business-to-business services Taulia provides, Wright said the company’s workplace culture is foremost. Currently, it has 120 employees globally, with the Park City branch containing 19.

"One of the things we put a lot of energy into is the culture and how we care for our employees," Wright said. "We’ve used [the workplace] as a recruiting tool. It’s not a cube farm. It’s not a place where people go into their offices and shut the door."

Darcy Douglas, senior director of client services with Taulia is on the team that implements software for clients. She spoke about the unique balance of work and play the company provides.

"It’s the people you work with here, the lifestyle you enjoy," Douglas said.

Katy Sinclair, principal consultant for Taulia, came from Summit County, Colo., nine months ago and reports to Douglas. Most of her team works in the San Francisco office and she said it did not take much to convince her to relocate to Park City.

"It’s a great work/life balance. One of our core values is ‘You work hard, you play hard,’" Sinclair said. "We’ll be looking out at Canyons [Resort] and at two o’clock someone says, ‘We’re going skiing.’"

Wright explains that he tries to implement unique workplace strategies to create an ideal environment. A whiteboard on display in the main office encourages employees to fail and to write down how they failed and what they learned. The office also has regular social events that bond the staff together.

At its Kimball Junction office, Taulia has room for 31 employees with 19 currently on staff. Wright said the company is looking to hire for 18 to 22 more positions by this fall and will most likely expand to nearby office space. He said he is "leery" of having Taulia grow too large for fear of losing its unique workplace culture.

The most enjoyable part of working at Taulia, Wright says, is the people.

"It’s very common at Taulia for me to feel confidently that I’m the dumbest guy at the table," Wright said. "I’m always learning something at Taulia — I’m always being inspired by such a group of class A professionals."

For more information on Taulia, visit taulia.com.


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