Three new members elected to Service Area No. 3 board |

Three new members elected to Service Area No. 3 board

Residents in Silver Creek Estates have chosen three new members and an incumbent to serve on the Service Area No. 3 Board of Trustees for the next four years.

Four seats, two from the upper precinct and two from the lower precinct, were on the ballot. Service Area No. 3 covers Silver Creek Estates, north of the intersection of Interstate 80 and U.S. 40. Properties within the development are in either the upper or lower precinct. Upper precinct lots have 10 acres or more and the lower precinct lots contain less than 2.5 acres.

Four candidates filed for the upper precinct, including incumbent Chairman Robert Vern Olson, Michael Montgomery, Gwen McMillin and Robert Carpenter. Olson, with 67 votes, and Montgomery, with 51, were awarded the seats.

"It’s not an easy assignment, but I felt like I needed to stay involved," Olson said. "I am hoping that we can now have a better relationship with the residents in the area and receive more input about projects."

When Olson learned the results of the election, his first reaction was "here we go again."

"I’m certainly grateful the residents were willing to give me a ‘Do Over’ and an opportunity to try and improve things," he said. "I’m sure everyone who was elected are great people and I am really pleased with the new board."

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The Board of Trustees consists of a seven-member board that meets on a monthly basis. The board oversees a budget of approximately $400,000. The service area has jurisdiction over water rights, 22 miles of roads, parks and trail systems.

The views of the newly elected board members are different than the views of the current members, Montgomery said.

"Although we will continue to focus on roads and water, I hope that alternative access and access to better transit will be new talking points," Montgomery said. "Many of us see the issues of growth as being a challenge, but I hope we can focus on the opportunities that come with it."

Three candidates also filed for the lower precinct, including incumbent John Graber, Vincent Pao-Borjigin and Eileen Galoostian. Pao-Borjigin and Galoostian defeated Graber, with 88 and 52 votes, respectively. Graber received 43.

"I was pretty excited," said Galoostian of her new appointment. "I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought I did a good job of reaching out to a lot of the people and getting feedback from them and I think people really responded well to that."

Galoostian has lived in Silver Creek for five years and frequently attended board meetings, acting as an unofficial liaison to residents.

"I want to continue to do those things, but also in the capacity as a board member," Galoostian said. "I have the experience and people are listening to what I have to say. But now I can do it in a more official manner and encourage the board to adopt things."

Galoostian said it will be her priority to improve the transparency of the board and safety of the community.

"There isn’t a lot of transparency between the board and the residents," Galoostian said. "I would also like to address safety. I feel like those are two huge issues for our neighborhood."

The three new members will join Olson in their new positions in January.

"I think it’s awesome that seven people were willing to come out and put themselves out there and make a commitment to the neighborhood to improve it," Galoostian said. "My hat is off to them."