Trail along east side of S.R. 224 delayed |

Trail along east side of S.R. 224 delayed

Groundbreaking for a trail along the east side of State Road 224 to connect Kimball Junction to Silver Springs Drive has been delayed until sometime this spring.

Last week, district officials met with the Snyderville Basin Recreation District board to discuss the engineering contract for the project. An amendment to the contract is needed because the new trail segment will cross through wetlands, requiring additional approval.

Bob Radke, the Basin Rec trails department manager, said the process is more of a formality. He said he doesn’t view it as a roadblock, though it will be somewhat time consuming. The wetlands the trail will cross are about 10 feet wide and 300 feet long, Radke said.

"It has to be delineated. There is a threshold and if we go over that we have to enhance wetlands somewhere else," Radke said. "It’s just a matter of documenting what we do."

The trail that is being proposed will be a 10-foot-wide multi-use trail nearly two miles long. It will start at the 7-Eleven at the Blue Roof gas station on Silver Springs Drive and extend to the Wallin Barn, 5683 State Road 224, eventually connecting with the underpass near Whole Foods Market. The $500,000 project is funded through the 2014 bond.

"It is just making another one of those transportation connections that connect a huge neighborhood to the Junction and business centers," Radke said. "I think it will just add another alternative way of getting around."

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Basin Recreation District Director Rena Jordan said the trail provides an important link along the east side of the road directly into Park City. Construction was slated to begin this fall, Jordan said. However, it won’t likely begin until spring.

"It’s fully funded and we are going through the required permitting process, but when the wetland delineation came up we couldn’t get started," Jordan said.

The trail has been part of Basin Rec’s master plan since 2006, Jordan said. Basin Rec has collaborated with the Utah Department of Transportation because the project falls in UDOT’s right of way.

"This is a project we have slated to finish, but we are still working closely with Summit County and transportation planners to make sure that everything we are doing is tying into the multimodal transportation plans and the bigger picture," Jordan said.

Last month, Basin Rec completed a 10-foot-wide trail between Summit Park and the base of the Canyons Village. It starts at Utah Olympic Parkway and ties back into the system near the Liberty Peak Apartments. Another project that is currently in the engineering phase will connect Bear Hollow to Sun Peak Drive. The project likely won’t be complete until sometime in 2016.

"These are all just great transportation trails and implementations of our master plan, especially this trail. It is certainly in an area that brings neighborhoods to commercial zones so people don’t have to get in their cars," Jordan said of the S.R. 224 trail. "The only negative I have heard about this is why we haven’t done it yet."