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Water main break cuts service to Newpark businesses

Forces restaurant to close, leaves others scrambling for water

Marilyn Brumfield, owner of Silver Cricket Floral Atelier located in Newpark, was left scrambling for fresh water Thursday evening after a water main break on Highland Drive left her shop without water.

“It really created a problem for us because I had just returned from the wholesalers in Salt Lake City with a big load of fresh flowers and we had no water to put them in,” Brumfield said. “We were trying to consolidate buckets of things that were already in the cooler and using buckets that we had already used, which is not our usual process.”

At about 4:20 p.m., a contractor attempting to lay a fiber optic line bore through a 10-inch water main “letting out all kinds of water,” according to Andy Garland, general manager of Summit Water Distribution Company.

The break cut off service to several businesses in the area in addition to Silver Cricket Floral Atelier, including Ghidotti’s, Cold Stone Creamery and the Metropolitan Redstone 8 Cinemas. A sign hung in the window of Ghidotti’s informing customers of the unexpected closure. It is unclear if any other businesses closed.

Garland said the line was repaired by about 8:15 p.m. Thursday night. However, on Friday he said crews were still on scene for road repairs. He said traffic would be reduced to one lane for the duration of the repairs.

“Unfortunately, these incidents can be common. You Blue Stake (utility notification markers) the best that you can and the contractor thought they were well clear of our water line, but they hit it dead on,” Garland said. “They also could have hit a gas line that was about six inches above.”

Garland said the contractor, who he did not identify, will be responsible for the costs associated with the damage.

While Silver Cricket Floral Atelier maintained its normal operating hours, Brumfield said she and staff stayed about 30 minutes after closing time to ensure all the flowers were in water.

“This morning we pretty much had to go through the cooler and redo it because you don’t want to put new flowers in buckets that had already been there,” Brumfield said. “This morning (Friday) it really isn’t looking too bad, but the water is brown. That’s creating a little bit of a problem sending out arrangements, but the more we run it the better it’s getting.”