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Woodland man arrested for domestic violence

David Burger, The Park Record

Paul B. Gines, 43, of Woodland, has been charged with aggravated assault and four other offenses after a domestic violence incident on July 21 that included allegations that he drunkenly threatened and choked his wife at their residence.

According to a sheriff’s report and charging documents, deputies responded to two 911 hang-ups received by Dispatch from the couple’s address. Dispatch got ahold of the caller, who said that her husband was inebriated and carrying a firearm.

She told Dispatch that Gines had been sober for eight months, but showed up at the house intoxicated that afternoon. According to the police, the wife forced him out of the house and locked him out.

Later that evening, near midnight, Gines showed up again after consuming more alcohol, threatening her and breaking down the locked door, police said. He stopped his wife’s attempt to call 911 and wrestled with her, ending up placing his wife in a headlock. After the wife broke free, he responded by grabbing a rifle that was in a case at the house. The wife called for her daughter, and both tried to flee by jumping into a car.

Police said that before the car could leave, Gines opened the driver’s side door and began trying to pull his wife out of the car by her hair. He eventually let go, and the wife drove away with her daughter, where she was able to successfully reach Dispatch.

Deputies found the wife and daughter at a local church, and learned that he has a previous history of threatening police and being in possession of firearms. The wife told Dispatch that her husband "hates law enforcement officers and blames them for everything," the report said.

The wife went to stay at a family member’s house, and a decision was made to let Gines sober up at his residence, said Captain Justin Martinez of the Summit County Sheriff’s Department. First thing in the morning, the suspect surrendered to a team of deputies and was booked into the Summit County Jail.

Gines was charged with three felonies and two misdemeanors. He posted bail and is out of jail, according to Sergeant Ron Bridge of the Summit County Sheriff’s Department.

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