Woodside development to connect to Mountain Regional |

Woodside development to connect to Mountain Regional

Aaron Osowski, The Park Record

Development set to be built just west of Silver Creek Road was annexed into the Mountain Regional Water Special Service District during last Wednesday’s County Council meeting.

Woodside Homes, a 66-unit single-family development, which is currently located within Service Area 3, will have its water services provided by Mountain Regional. Each single-family unit will be on half-to-three-quarter-acre lots.

The development will be platted exactly as it was in the 1960s, although Summit County Manager Bob Jasper suggested Woodside Homes cluster its units and add more.

Garrett Seely, Woodside Homes’ project director, said the interest to do that is there, but the timeline is not feasible. Woodside also currently pays for an easement to get sewer and water across the Bitner property.

To provide emergency backup water for the Service Area 3 system, Mountain Regional and/or Woodside will construct an emergency interconnect. Seely said there would be a $50,000 cost to the developers for the interconnect. Mountain Regional would also pay for a water system upgrade.

In documents provided by Summit County, Mountain Regional and Service Area 3 would also agree to provide water to each other through the interconnect in the event of a water shortage. Woodside Homes would also receive all other services provided by Service Area 3 except for water, which it would not be charged for.

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Conversations will continue between the developers and the county about the nature of the development, but the annexation represents another step forward for Summit County in expanding sewer services.