Young moose relocated from Basin-area neighborhood |

Young moose relocated from Basin-area neighborhood

The Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) relocated a young bull moose Friday that had been hanging around a Snyderville Basin neighborhood for more than a week.

Officers tranquilized the moose and transported it to an undisclosed location away from residential areas, according to Steve Grey, an urban biologist with DWR. Gray described the moose as slightly older than a year.

The moose had been spotted in a Basin-area neighborhood on Mountain Ranch Drive for more than a week and was becoming comfortable in those settings, Gray said. He said the moose’s presence became intolerable to residents. However, no aggressive encounters were reported.

If possible, officials prefer to leave animals alone or attempt to herd then into a new area. However, Gray said that was not an option in this case and the decision to relocate him was made.

"If it’s in the middle of the subdivision, that’s not an option. He was comfortable there so we made that call," Gray said. "Every situation is different and he probably would have left in a couple weeks, but we don’t want anyone to get hurt and there are kids all around there."

It is at least the second time this year a moose has been relocated out of a residential area in Summit County, Gray said, before adding how common sightings and encounters are.

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"Park City is an area where there are a lot of moose and a lot of it is educating the people that this is where they live and you moved into their habitat," Gray said. "If they are educated, it’s easier to tolerate them."

Gray said people are often afraid of bears and cougars, but cautioned residents to remember that moose are just as unpredictable.

"If you run across a moose, give it its space and stay away from it. Don’t approach it to take a picture like a lot of folks do," Gray said.