Sundance-goers imagine ‘No more billionaires,’ ‘Trump’s impeachment,’ ‘Love conquers all!’ |

Sundance-goers imagine ‘No more billionaires,’ ‘Trump’s impeachment,’ ‘Love conquers all!’

Sundance Film Festival-goers wrote messages about the future on a wooden pallet, which is on display at festival headquarters. The pallet and others will be burned at the Imagined Futures Bonfire, scheduled on Thursday in Old Town as the closing weekend of Sundance approaches.
Jay Hamburger/Park Record

The Sundance Film Festival on Thursday wants to fire up the crowd as the closing weekend approaches.

Organizers are scheduled to hold a celebration known as the Imagined Futures Bonfire. It will be held in Old Town and will be the first of its kind during Sundance.

The bonfire, approved through City Hall’s overall permitting of Sundance, is designed to celebrate the future as Sundance enters a new decade. Organizers have said the event will connect Parkites, people who are visiting Park City and artists who are involved with Sundance.

The bonfire and celebration are scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. in the flagpole parking lot toward the northern end of Swede Alley. It will run until sunset. John Cooper, the director of the festival, is slated to deliver remarks. The 2020 festival will be the last for Cooper as the director.

“Come be a part of a ritual as old as storytelling itself as our festival and Park City communities gather around a sunset bonfire to welcome the start of a new decade and dream of our imagined futures,” Sundance said in an online posting publicizing the event.

The gathering is scheduled to last 60 minutes.

Sundance will use a series of wooden pallets that have been on display during the festival for the bonfire. Festival-goers have been writing short messages about the future on the pallets that will be burned in the bonfire.

Some of the messages on one of the pallets on display at festival headquarters included:

• “Love conquers all!”

• “A future with equality for all”

• “Constitutional gender equality”

• “A future where we all work to be aware of and overcome our personal biases”

• “be first women president”

• “No more billionaires”

• “Trump’s impeachment”

• “be first women president”

• “World peace”

• “Care about the planet!”

Other messages touched on topics like supporting families regardless of their makeup, accepting those who are different and hiring women.

The bonfire and celebration requires the temporary removal of parking in the flagpole lot. The removal is scheduled to last from 2 a.m. on Thursday until 7 a.m. on Friday. City Hall arranged for people holding Blue permits or Carpool permits to park in the nearby Gateway lot or the China Bridge garage, depending on available space.

The event is open to the public. It is scheduled on a day when the festival crowds normally have thinned significantly from the jammed opening weekend. The bonfire, though, could serve as a way for the organizers to inspire the remaining attendees as the final three days of Sundance start.

Park City officials approved the bonfire in late 2019 as part of an overall package of operational changes for the 2020 edition of Sundance. The bonfire was not heavily discussed during the talks in late 2019.

Organizers at the time of the approval indicated in a prepared statement the bonfire will be an opportunity for the Park City community to join Sundance in celebration as the festival reaches the final weekend. Sundance closes on Sunday.

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