Sundance, impeachment trial could overlap, but will Trump haters march again? |

Sundance, impeachment trial could overlap, but will Trump haters march again?

The Women’s March on Main during the Sundance Film Festival in 2017 drew a giant crowd to Main Street as President Trump ascended to the White House. Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate could overlap with Sundance in January. City Hall says it has not received any inquiries from people seeking to organize a formal demonstration to mark the impeachment and Senate trial.
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Sundance Film Festival crowds marched in opposition as President Trump took office in early 2017. And it appears they could have the opportunity to march in support of his removal from office early in 2020.

Trump’s impeachment by the House of Representatives earlier in December sets up the possibility that his trial in the Senate could be occurring at the same time Sundance is unfolding. The start date of the Senate trial has not been set, but there is the prospect of an overlap with Sundance. The festival runs from Jan. 23 until Feb. 2.

The Sundance crowds lean heavily toward the political left, and the president has appeared to be wildly unpopular with festival-goers. If the Senate trial is occurring at the same time as Sundance, it seems almost certain the crowds would address the proceedings in Washington in some fashion.

City Hall on Thursday indicated it had not received any inquiries from people seeking to organize a formal demonstration to mark the impeachment and Senate trial. A permit from the municipal government is required for large demonstrations. A permit can be obtained in the matter of several weeks, leaving open the possibility that a demonstration could still be organized prior to the opening of Sundance. Any demonstration would likely be planned for the typically jammed opening weekend of Sundance to capitalize on the large crowds and celebrity presence.

A giant demonstration was staged in 2017 as Trump ascended to the White House. Known as the Women’s March on Main, the event drew up to 9,000 people, according to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. It was the largest demonstration in Park City’s modern era as the marchers descended Main Street and moved to the flagpole lot for a rally. The Women’s March on Main was not designed to protest Trump’s inauguration the day before, but many of the demonstrators were displeased with the new president. The march drew a mixed crowd of Park City-area residents and people from outside of Utah. There was a celebrity presence as well, bringing added energy to the march.

The organizers of the Woman’s March on Main did not win a Park City Council approval to hold the event until a little more than a week before the date of the demonstration, which was staged on the first Saturday of Sundance.

Any demonstration could add to the hubbub of Sundance, particularly during the opening weekend. City Hall would need to craft logistical plans with the organizers as the sides consider issues such as the impact on traffic, the possibility of the temporary closure of roads or other public places and public safety.

Sundance has long provided the setting for demonstrations of various magnitudes and causes. Some were spurred by the topic of a single Sundance film while others cover broad national or international issues. There was a series of demonstrations during the opening years of the war in Iraq, as an example. There have also been animal-rights events, a demonstration against a controversial proposal to build an oil pipeline in the Midwest and Occupy Wall Street movement rallies.

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