Sundance will occupy The Yard for first time in 2012 |

Sundance will occupy The Yard for first time in 2012

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A high-ranking Sundance Film Festival organizer on Wednesday evening indicated The Yard will be an official festival venue in 2012, putting Sundance in a spacious spot that had previously been used by corporate interests during the festival.

Sarah Pearce, who directs the festival’s operations, told a crowded open house of the arrangement between Sundance and The Yard. Pearce said organizers are excited, but she did not provide details about Sundance’s ideas for the location.

Mark J. Fischer, the Bonanza Park developer who controls The Yard, said the location will be buzzing during the festival. He did not provide details, either.

A spokesperson for Sundance said on Thursday the organizers this summer will consider options for the space. Sundance had previously been involved in a park-and-ride lot on the grounds of The Yard during the festival.

Sundance occupies space throughout Park City during the festival, setting up screening rooms and spots for festival-related happenings like the Music Café, the Filmmakers Lodge and the New Frontier setup.

The Yard, though, appears to offer a more expansive space than many of the other places Sundance occupies temporarily.

Most of the corporate interests that previously had space at The Yard during Sundance did not have official ties to Sundance.

The Yard hosted concerts and parties during the festival as well as a showcase for the corporate interests.

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