Sushi Maru expected to reopen soon |

Sushi Maru expected to reopen soon


Sushi Maru in Holiday Village off Park Avenue has been closed until further notice, but owner Michael Aguilar anticipates reopening in a few weeks.

According to documents filed in Third District Court, there have been troubles between owners Aguilar and his mother Marilyn Pugh over ownership of homes in Midway and on Little Kate Drive in Park City.

Aguilar alleges Pugh has embezzled or misused money from Sushi Maru.

Pugh was reached by telephone on Sept. 11 and said she has nothing to do with Sushi Maru, and has not for some time. Asked about the court case, she replied that it was a personal issue.

Natalie Segall, attorney for Pugh, said that same day the closing of Sushi Maru had nothing to do with the lawsuit and affirmed that Pugh has had nothing to do with the restaurant as of late.

Aguilar said Friday he had to close his doors because he didn’t want to go any deeper in debt.

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"I didn’t have the money to operate," he said.

Aguilar said he has an investor who is waiting until the litigation is resolved. A resolution is in the works, Segall confirmed.

Aguilar said he’s still optimistic.

"It’s taken a long time to sort out things," he said. "This is my life; we have all intentions of reopening."