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Talisker at odds with Main Street landlord

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

The landlord for Talisker Corp. demanded last week that the Canadian-based development firm, which owns The Canyons, "pay rent and other amounts due" or vacate its Park City offices at 890 Main Street.

But an attorney for Talisker claims the company is current with payments to its landlord, NNN Summit Watch LLC.

Still, white documents attached with blue tape to Talisker’s outside office windows demanded the company "pay all rent and other amounts due or, in the alternative, to surrender the premises, within three calendar days".

Deputy Salt Lake County Constable Orson Madsen said he placed the notices at Talisker July 2 at about 1:20 p.m.

"It’s an unlawful detainer action," Madsen said in a telephone interview.

The landlord wanted notices served to four Talisker entities and Talisker attorney David Smith, Madsen said.

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"There were five entities," Madsen said.

They included Talisker Deer Valley Corporation, Talisker Property Corporation, ASC Utah and Talisker Open Lands Conservancy, he said.

"This is an obligation that the plaintiff has, to give the notice before they file suit," Madsen said. "The attorney has to use these notices as exhibits in filing their suits."

The three days the notices gave Talisker to avoid eviction expired Sunday at 5 p.m., the deputy constable said.

"It is significant because it is Talisker," Madsen said. "They either need to pay the rent or surrender the property."

But Smith said Talisker’s landlord has been paid.

"We’re current on rent and there is no pending eviction action," Smith said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

Talisker chief Jack Bistricer was not immediately available to comment.

Smith said Talisker is planning to move from Main Street into larger offices in Prospector.

Notices the landlord posted Thursday at the office are "possibly related to a dispute regarding some other charges," Smith said.

But he would not give further details about the dispute.

David W. Scofield, the attorney for the landlord, said Talisker has sent payments for part of the roughly $107,000 owed to Summit Watch.

"As of today, there would not be an eviction action," Scofield said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "[Talisker has] indicated a willingness to work that out."