The average motorist speeds on Monitor Drive |

The average motorist speeds on Monitor Drive

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

The average motorist on Monitor Drive speeds a few miles per hour over the posted limit, a City Hall consultant found in March 2009, statistics that have been presented as officials prepare to take steps to slow drivers down.

The consultant found the average speed of drivers on the Park Meadows road in March 2009 was 29 mph. The posted speed limit is 25 mph. The consultant, meanwhile, found that 85 percent of the drivers were traveling at 34 mph or slower.

Monitor Drive is a neighborhood road that serves as one of the key entryways to Park Meadows. It connects Kearns Boulevard with Little Kate Road, and there is an important intersection with Lucky John Drive.

There was an average of 2,500 vehicles counted on Monitor Drive each day during the month.

Park City officials reiterated the numbers as City Hall seeks proposals from firms interested in designing road features meant to reduce speeds, known as traffic-calming measures. The proposals are due March 25.

"Monitor Drive had some volume and speed issues," said Heinrich Deters, the trails coordinator at City Hall.

He said officials previously painted new stripes on Monitor Drive and installed a digital sign that displays a driver’s speed, both efforts to discourage speeding. He said speeding fell slightly after those measures were taken. They were done in 2010.

In a posting seeking the proposals, City Hall says, "staff is open to any suggestions to reduce vehicular speeds, increase pedestrian comfort, and remind motorists they are entering a residential area."

Deters acknowledged that a traffic island on Monitor Drive has been discussed before.

Monitor Drive is a popular route to the Racquet Club site and puts drivers in the core of Park Meadows. It is also used by some people heading to the Park City School District campus on nearby Kearns Boulevard.

Speeding drivers have for years been among the top concerns of Parkites throughout the city. Leaders have responded with a series of measures, including the digital signs. The Park City Police Department, meanwhile, regularly patrols neighborhood roads.