The Colby School grows gardeners |

The Colby School grows gardeners

Frank Fisher, of the Record staff

Visit the Park City Farmer’s market, and you will find, with no surprise, vegatables grown by farmers. What may be a surprise: some of the farmers are kids.

No child labor laws are being broken. Students of The Colby School are learning how crops grow, learning how to make them grow, and exploring the delectable taste of freshly-picked, organically-grown produce.

Throughout the summer and into the fall, The Colby School plans to sell freshly- harvested vegetables and herbs.

Joanne Starl, a first-grade teacher at Colby, runs the greenhouse. Students from preschool through 8th grade work in the greenhouse, which is supported with the classroom curriculum, said Ellie Goldberg, the administrative manager at Colby. She said all money raised from the Farmers market goes back into the greenhouse fund. It’s an amazing opportunity for the kids," she said.

The preschool kids plant plugs and seeds and watch flowers grow. The older students weed and haul rocks, Goldberg said. The kids get to sample the goods.

Daisy Fair is the greenhouse manager at Colby. She wrote a grant for the greenhouse, which has been in operation for two seasons. "I wanted for kids to see where food comes from, and get them to eat it," she said. "We grow enough to bring to market once a week."

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This week, cabbage and leafy greens are on display, freshly harvested that morning, Fair said, adding that for the following week, she believed the carrots, beets, lettuce and cabbage would be harvested. As the summer progresses, she said tyme, oregano and basil will be for sale.

Megan Viar, a Colby student who will be in 6th grade next year, helped out at the stand this Wednesday. She said she helped plant a native garden in the greenhoust last year, arranging crops so they best work to support each other.

Fair said everything grown in the greenhouse is grown organically. Lady bugs act as the natural insecticide. Covering on the crops allows sun and air in, but keeps pests out. Crops are also rotated. Viar said everything that comes from the garden tastes better. "It’s really sweet and its really good."

For more information on the greenhouse, call The Colby School at 655-3966, or visit

To savor the goods, show up at the Park City Farmers Market from 2-7, Wednesdays, through the fourth week of October. The Farmers is located at the Canyons Resort in the lower Cabriolet Parking lot off of State Highway 224.