The Egg Man visits Trailside Elementary |

The Egg Man visits Trailside Elementary


Trailside Elementary School welcomed Erich Jonas, also known as the "Egg Man." According to Trailside Principal Kathy Einhorn, Jonas attended Vanderbuilt University where he earned a degree in anthropology and engineering. While attending college, Jonas came up with the idea for the original Egg Game in 1987, according to Einhorn, who said the game allows students to learn about the rotation of the Earth and also teaches them about science, teamwork and communication. On Tuesday, Jonas was nominated as the first honorary Trailblazer of the year. "He’s teaching the kids all these great lessons not only about science but also about getting along while they’re playing the game," Einhorn said. "It was so much fun watching him with the kids and now they all want the Egg Game."