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‘The End’ is coming

Two looming events are brooding, waiting to lodge fright into people’s hearts.

Not only will individuals don masks and ghoulish costumes on the last day of the month, but in the middle of October, some will suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th.

Lemony Snicket’s popular books, "A series of Unfortunate Events" will release "The End" its 13th and final book of the series, ironically, on that same unfortunate day next Friday.

Arts-Kids and The Spotted Frog Bookstore are taking part in the event by holding a release party for "The End" from 5 to 7 p.m. Tickets are $18 before the 13th and $20 the day of. Attendees will receive a copy of "The End" and participate in games, prizes, entertainment and food.

"It should be incredibly fun, probably the best release for a book in Utah," said Luke Slocum, manager of The Spotted Frog. "We’re going to have a lot of space; it’s going to be really involving with a lot of participation. It’s going to be incredibly fun."

Having the release on Friday, the 13th is perfect timing for Snicket’s book, which is based on the unlucky, Slocum said.

"It’s pretty cool," Slocum said, "it’s pretty unfortunate, unlucky. They are making a big deal saying whatever you do, don’t reserve your copy, don’t come to the party, they are playing up the dark and unfortunate. It’s kind of a pre-Halloween party. Halloween always seems to be really big in Utah.

"They shouldn’t come," Slocum added with a laugh.

Kris Beer of Arts-Kids also sarcastically warns Parkites from attending. "Tickets include a gift bag full of depressing, fun stuff, admittance to a dreadful party complete with terrible games, a costume contest, prizes and disgusting food," Beer said.

There will also be face-painting and other contests including a prize for the best Lemony Snicket character costume. Part of a Lemony Snicket’s film starring Jim Carrey, which came out a few years ago, will also be shown during the release party.

There will be a dramatic reading of the book by local actor Nate Sears.

"He’s one of our artists and a member of Off the Top (Comedy). He’ll be reading the end of Book 12 and the beginning of Book 13," Beer said.

Sears says this is great promotion for both organizations.

"Like the Harry Potter books, the kids are all totally in to the Lemony Snickets books," Sears said. "It’s going to be a preview because we are going to be tearing it out of the shrink-wrap that day. I’m actually doing an essentially a cold read, I will not have even seen it. It will be a really cool opportunity for the kids to get to see the latest installment."

Few people have had a chance to peruse the pages of the latest installment of the series.

"The book, they are keeping it a secret," Slocum said. "People are really coming out of the woodwork for this book."

Slocum added that people need to call as soon as possible to reserve a copy. There will be some at the release party but book supplies may run out.

Arts-Kids is stretching itself from its normal activities for this event.

"This whole thing is inline with what Arts-Kids is doing beyond the school stuff," Sears said. "I’m totally psyched about it. I lead lot of the theatre workshops; this will be actually a lot of fun to do for me. Hopefully we’ll get a good turnout."

Arts-Kids is working to promote all of the arts including reading and writing.

"This is the first of what could be many," Beer said. "We are always looking for ways to collaborate with other organizations that foster their creativity because that’s what we are all about. This is just one aspect of it. We also promote creative writing in groups; We are getting the kids involved in a book experience."

The Spotted Frog is also looking for more opportunities to work with local non-profit groups. Twenty percent of all the sales will go toward Arts-Kids.

"Really, a lot of the arts programs are getting cut in schools and we want to sponsor these programs to keep kids in the arts," Slocum said. "They are not getting as well rounded an education these days." it all ties in to No Child Left Behind (a federal program that is putting additional burdens on public school budgets). We want to sponsor anything that tries to bring the arts back in to their lives."

Arts-Kids and the Spotted Frog Bookstore will throw a release party for "The End," Lemony Snicket’s final book in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on Friday, the 13th of Oct. from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Spotted Frog Bookstore. Tickets are $18 before and $20 the day of the event and will include a copy of "The End," admission to the release party with games, prizes, food, and entertainment, plus the admittance of one adult. Each additional child or parent is $5 and does not include a copy of the book. For tickets to reserve a book and to join the party, call Arts-Kids at 615-7878 or The Spotted Frog at 575-2665 or visit http://www.spottedfrogbooks.com.

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